Australian Productivity Commission Recommends Legalization of Online Gaming and Repeal of the Interactive Gambling Act

Posted at 15:25 2009-10-24
The Australian Productivity Commission, the Australian Federal Government's independent advisory body for microeconomic reform, have released a draft report supporting the managed liberalization of online gambling in Australia.
In what can only be a positive step for online poker, the report was well received by iBus Media, which is PokerNews’ and PokerNetwork’s parent company.
iBus Media initially put in a submission along with 263 other organizations to the Productivity Commission regarding online gambling in Australia and is extremely pleased with the result of the commission's draft findings. While a recommendation by the PC does not ensure Government action, in most scenarios the PC's initiatives are taken very seriously by the Australian Government.
The PC's draft which several time references the iBus Media submission states, “The Australian Government should repeal the Interactive Gambling Act, and in consultation with state and territory governments, should initiate a process for the managed liberalisation of online gaming”.
PokerNews Chief Consultant Damon Rasheed was quoted as saying he is “delighted with the PC's main draft recommendation, in regards to online gambling, to repeal the Interactive Gambling Act. We agree with the PC's draft findings that risks associated with online gambling are lower than generally supposed and that changing to a system of managed liberalisation will reduce the effects of problem gambling in Australia. We look forward to the final report and urge the Australian Federal Government to consider the recommendations put forward”.
iBus Media plans on following up the PC draft with a second submission agreeing with the points made and consulting with operators as to the likely costs of compliance with a managed liberalization regime.
Click here to read the entire PC draft.
This is a an exciting an positive step for online poker in Australian and PokerNetwork will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates for our uses on the progress of online gaming liberalization in Australia.
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iBus Media and PokerNews support the draft report iBus Media and PokerNews support the draft report

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