Australian Reactions To The PokerStars / Full Tilt Acquisition

Posted at 18:45 2012-08-01 by Lynn Gilmartin, Matthew Pitt

By now you should have heard that PokerStars has acquired the assets of Full Tilt Poker and one result of this action is that all players who had funds locked up on Full Tilt Poker before it collapsed will be paid out in full within 90 days!

Obviously this is amazing news for everyone who had money stuck on Full Tilt Poker as most had written this money off. Everyone's favourite poker-loving Aussie, Lynn Gilmartin, reached out to a number of Australia’s high profile players and industry people and asked them for their reaction to the excellent news.

Jonathan Karamalikis

When exactly did this happen?

The man known affectionately as xMONSTERxDONGx is on a boy's holiday in Europe so was not aware of the acquisition. Judging by what we cannot really publish here Karamalikis was rather pleased with the news! It made us smile anyway!

Grant Levy

My initial thoughts are purely selfish ones in that I'm happy I'll get money back that I'd pretty much said goodbye to.

On a broader scale I think it's great news for poker worldwide and will go a long way toward restoring peoples faith in the online poker industry after a hellish eighteen months.

Daniel Neilson

Today is much better than Christmas day. Obviously very happy, today is my new biggest online cash, and I didn't even have to play. This is a great day for online poker, and I'm really grateful to the nice people over at Pokerstars.

APPT President Danny McDonagh

I can't comment, sorry.

Aussie who wishes to remain anonymous

  • The first week/fortnight that FTP is back is gunna be so amazing as so many ppl will be treating their recovered sums as "wins" of sorts and those who don't withdraw will be gambling it up and playing stakes / tourneys they probly shouldn't... Add to that those who have had small amounts tied up for so long just punting it off all in unison it's going to be an amazing time for the regs who don't go berserk...
  • The mid stakes regs won't have to put up with as many high stakes regs in their tourneys as the HS guys will have FTP to spend on now and won't need to fill up their screens with MS stuff...
  • All the other sites will likely run big promos to coincide with so much new money instantly being in the economy; a significant amount held will be withdrawn quickly but not all of that's going to make it to people's pockets...
  • Talk of the possibility to transfer funds between PS and FTP in the future pretty much sews up their overwhelming monopoly (if this didn't already), and that is just one of the hugely advantageous synergies players can expect: improved tournament scheduling, greatly improved customer support, and the possibility for a unified VIP Rewards program are also going to be huge for players...

James Obst

All I'd say is I'm glad the scumbags got caught and it might be time to dust off the 30 inch because there might be an overload of tables soon.

Jarred Graham

Wish I had money in full tilt. Was one of the unlucky ones to get it all out haha!

Apart from money going back. Doesn't seem that great since now they have total market share and could do whatever they wanted with rake etc and no one could do anything / compete with them.

Jonno Pittock

A positive day for the Poker industry as a whole, exciting times ahead.

Raymond Wu

Unfortunately I'm unable to comment on the situation until further instructions from PS. Hope you understand.

Jesse McKenzie

I am happy as it brings more money into circulation and that it brings us one step closer to regulation in the us.

David Steicke

Well what I've read (briefly) of it, it's obviously a Win Win Win for all concerned. Hopefully the FTP brand will reappear just as it was and not look too much like Stars. I think most people liked the differences between the sites, if for no other reason than just the variety. The good news for Asian/Australian based players is that as we are now a step closer to Stars & FTP being available to US based players, hopefully it won't be long before the SCOOP, WCOOP & FTOPS are all restored to the US time zone which was much friendly to the Asian/Australian time zone.

The only negatives I can think of at the moment are 1. It's a shame that the two largest poker sites will be owned by the same owner & 2. It's a pity it didn't happen a day or two later as good friend Carlos Chan who won the APT Macau main event yesterday didn't get his deserving spotlight!

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