Australian Stewart Scott Claims Aussie Millions Crown!

Posted at 03:13 2009-01-26
Stewart Scott is the latest Australian poker player to join the list of major tournament winners after capturing the crown in the 2009 Aussie Millions Main Event, and becoming the first Australian to his the tournaament since it became a $10,000 buy in event. With 680 players starting the tournament, Stewart had to negotiate a field of international pros, internet qualifiers and World Series of Poker champions to win the $2 million top prize. His brilliant surge during Day 4 to end the day as the monster chip leader heading into the final table, set himself for a gallant run to the finish line. He held his chip lead throughout the final table and won the last hand in a similarly crushing style.
When the final table began, these were the chip stacks:
Seat 1: Zach Gruneberg - 1,355,000
Seat 2: Barny Boatman - 349,000
Seat 3: Elliot Smith- 1,120,000
Seat 4: Richard Ashby - 658,000
Seat 5: Stewart Scott - 4,520,000
Seat 6: Peter Rho - 2,420,000
Seat 7: Rajkumar Ramakrishnan - 2,050,000
Seat 8: Sam Capra - 1,161,000
Barry Boatman and Richard Ashby were the first two to be eliminated. Both of their short stacks could not find the necessary double ups and were early casualties. Internet qualifier Zach Gruneberg was able to cash for $210,000 after satelliting through a Cake Poker promotion for his free seat at the Main Event. His sixth place finish means that he returns home to the US with a very positive addition to this bankroll.
Sam Capra was another player who had done well after satelliting through to the main event from a $330 satellite at StarCity in Sydney. He got the last of his chips in with pocket tens but was called by Peter Rho’s pocket aces. The board of {3s}{Qd}{Qs}{9d}{5s} provided Capra with no help as he cashed for $300,000 for his fifth place finish.
Once the play became four handed, all the action became preflop as players constantly raised from position and were either handed the pot or where met with resistance from the out-of-position blinds. Not a lot of flops were seen and ultimately the next big hand played had to be two monster preflop hands facing off against each other. Ramakrishnan suspiciously limped from under the gun and was raised by Peter Rho.  Ramakrishnan then re-raised, with Rho pushing all in over the top. Ramakrishnan thought he had his foe when he snap called and triumphantly revealed {As}{Ah} with Rho tabling {Ks}{Kh}. With Rho a huge underdog, the flop came {5s}{Kc}{Td} to spike a set of kings! With the turn and river producing {3s}{2s}, Ramakrishnan exited in fourth place with $400,000 and the ultimate bad beat at the final table.
The final three players again played the game of raising before the flop and taking down the pot uncontested or folding to resistance. Seventy hands passed before Elliot Smith completed the small blind and called Stewart Scott’s all in move from the big blind. Scott’s {Ad}{7c} was dominated by Smith’s {Ah}{Qc}. The flop of {Ks}{10c}{10h} meant that Smith kept his lead. The turn, however, was the {7s} which put Smith well behind. The {5c} on the river was no help and Elliot Smith exited with $700,000 in his pocket.
Stewart Scott held a monster chip lead heads up and was favourite to take the title. The play began at:
Stewart Scott - 10.7 million
Peter Rho - 2.9 million
With Rho’s stack so far behind, it did not take long before Rho pushed all in to look for a double up. In the final hand, Scott raised from the button and Rho pushed all in over the top. Scott snap called and revealed {As}{Ad} against Rho’s {Ah}{Jc}. The cards fell {2s}{9d}{8h}{4d}{9s} giving Stewart Scott the Aussie Millions Championship Bracelet, final prize of $2,000,000 and the a nation’s admiration at bringing home the Aussie Millions title!
Congratulations Stewart Scott from all at PokerNetwork!


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Stewart Scott Wins 2009 Aussie Millions! Stewart Scott Wins 2009 Aussie Millions!

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