Becoming a Poker Affiliate - An Overview

Posted at 09:00 2007-03-10 Many poker players don't realize it, but there is a much easier way to make money from online poker than actually playing the game - through poker affiliate programs. Over the last few years, promoting online poker through affiliate programs has grown to be one of the most lucrative internet businesses in the world.

Every large online poker room has what is called an affiliate program. These allow regular poker players, as well as entrepreneurs, the opportunity to partner directly with the poker rooms. Unlike a traditional "refer-a-friend" program, poker affiliate programs allow you to become an actual business partner and share in the success of the online poker room.

It is free to become a poker affiliate and each online poker room will provide you with comprehensive marketing materials to promote their rooms either on the internet or offline. As an affiliate you will receive your very own web address from the online poker room to send traffic and players through. For example your custom link may look like this www.pokerstars.com/?source=pokernews. Once a player signs up from this web address, they are automatically tracked to the affiliate. After the referred player deposits, the affiliate either earns a one time commission called CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), or a percentage of the rake generated by that player, this is known as revenue sharing or MGR (Monthly Gross Rake).

Often new poker affiliates get confused by all the different poker affiliate programs in the market. However, PokerAffiliateWorld.com recently launched an Integrated Affiliate System that allows both new and experienced affiliates to promote a number of different online poker rooms with total ease. Instead of having to login to numerous affiliate backends, the PAW Integrated Affiliate System allows affiliates to manage an entire poker affiliate business from one administration point. PAW affiliates can request trackers to some of the largest online poker rooms including Pacific Poker, Full Tilt Poker, and Party Poker, just to name a few. Likewise, affiliates can check all their daily stats through one simple interface and, on top of that, receive one single commission payment each month.

The PAW Integrated Affiliate System is revolutionizing the way poker affiliates and poker affiliate programs do business. By partnering with the PAW network you will have access to the best affiliate deals in the industry – often much better than you can obtain yourself. Furthermore you will have the ability to promote several different poker sites through one common reporting system. To find out more about the PAW Integrated Affiliate System and talk to people who are already a part of it, head to PokerAffiliateWorld.com/affiliates/.

PokerAffiliateWorld.com is the largest poker affiliate resource in the world. Also known in the industry as PAW, you can find over 2200 other affiliates in the forums discussing the various aspects of being a poker affiliate. You can also read news and articles written by some of the most successful poker affiliates in the industry.

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