BetFred Poker Exclusive PokerNetwork Bonuses, Promotions, Points Race and Freerolls!

Posted at 23:28 2009-06-30
PokerNetwork is proud to partner with BetFred Poker to bring you some amazing freerolls, promotions and competitions exclusive to PokerNetwork players.
These promotions need your support in order to succeed and continue in the future so please get behind them and support BetFred Poker.
Betfred Poker is one of the oldest and most trustworthy poker operators on the iPoker network. For years they have been known for their massive sportsbook but through a series of extremely generous promotions Betfred is now aiming to become a favourite amongst the poker players. In order to achieve this goal Betfred Poker would like to offer a very lucrative and exclusive offer to all PokerNetwork.com users.
This offer contains:

- A 100% up to $600 sign up bonus
- Participation in the lucrative Betfred VIP programme which awards new bonuses to players every month.
- A points race that runs every month exclusive only to PokerNetwork.com players
- A monthly $1,000 freeroll also exclusive to only PokerNetwork.com users
- A monthly $250 reload bonus
All bonuses on Betfred poker are extremely generous. They are all paid out in increments of $10 per 500 Betfred points generated. A tournament player at VIP level 6 (maximum level) are getting 35 Betfred Points for every $1 you pay in tournament fees (for cash game players the point pay out depends on the type of game you play but no limit hold em 6-max players are around the same level as tournament players). So a tournament player at the maximum VIP level would only have to pay a little more than $14 in fees for every $10 in bonus pay out. Even though it is very easy to rise in VIP level on Betfred Poker some recreational players might not reach the top VIP level but even at the lower levels the bonus pay out is still very good. At level 4 which almost all players can reach fairly easy the point pay out is 25 per $1 in tournament fees.
As soon as a player rises above VIP level 1 (iron level) he will be entitled to a monthly bonus which will automatically be inserted into the bonus account every month.
Besides the VIP bonus programme PokerNetwork.com players can also benefit from a monthly reload bonus. Simply deposit $250 and write the Betfred Poker support through the live chat or support@betfred.com and ask for the PokerNetwork.com Reload Bonus and the support team will release the bonus into your account.
All PokerNetwork.com players are of course also entitled to a sign up bonus which is a 100% up to $600 bonus.
Download Betfred Poker directly here: Betfred Poker
Points Race
Every month we will be holding a points race on Betfred Poker exclusive to players signed up through PokerNetwork.com. The race will start out with a $3,000 prize pool but will increase every month dependent on the overall activity of the PokerNetwork.com players.
The pay out structure for the first race will be as follows:

1st place: $700
2nd place: $550
3rd place: $400
4th place: $350
5th place: $275
6th place: $200
7th place: $150
8th place: $125
9th place: $100
10th place: $75
11th place: $50
12th place: $25
The leaderboard will be updated 2-3 times every week in a stickied post in the forum where it will also be possible to ask the Betfred representatives questions about this promotion. Stay tuned to the forum for more details.
Besides all this exclusive PokerNetwork.com value we will also be running a monthly $1,000 freeroll that are once again only for players who signed up through our links here on PokerNetwork.com.
The freeroll will always be open for all players who have gained 500 Betfred Points in the previous month.
The first freeroll will take place on Sunday the 5th of July at 8PM AEST and for this first freeroll there will be no requirements to enter. All players signed up through PokerNetwork.com will be able to participate.
Betfred Poker in July
Besides all the exclusive monthly promotions Betfred also have general promotions that everyone can participate in.
In July the main promotion is a $20,000 points race which is of course also available for you guys. This means that you can win a prize in both the exclusive PokerNetwork.com points race and the overall Betfred points race at the same time.
This is without a doubt the best value deal on the iPoker Network at the moment so sign up today to enjoy all the benefits. Use the below link to make sure that you are signed up through PokerNetwork.com which is required to get all the above mentioned perks.
Direct download link: Betfred Poker

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BetFred Poker Exclusive PokerNetwork Offers! BetFred Poker Exclusive PokerNetwork Offers!

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