Big Winners and Big Losers in Party Poker Big Game

Posted at 12:39 2010-04-17

For those intending on watching the Party Poker Big Game when it’s televised and want to dodge the results, stop reading now.

With the action from the Party Poker Premier League filmed for the year, attention turned to the now very popular televised high stakes cash game, aptly named the Party Poker Big Game. In a nutshell the Big Game is Europe’s version of High Stakes Poker, with a few added quirks just to keep things fresh.

One of these innovations to this season was the introduction of a “Big Brother” style eviction of one player from the table every six hours. While the purists might look at this as a gimmick, it did have the benefit of forcing players to push the action and juice up the pots, so as not to be evicted for being a rock. The evictions make for good viewing with each player at the table showing the audience at home who they voted for, the only player protected from the evictions was the person statistically the loosest at the time.

One player who seldom at risk of eviction for that reason was David ‘Viffer’ Peat, who some may remember from appearances on High Stakes Poker. Peat’s maniac style paid off well for him on this occasion as he finished up almost £150,000 in profit, pulling stunts like over-bet shoving into small pots with a deep stack.

While he exploited his table image, he also made full use of sledging and light three-betting to tilt a few of his opponents. Despite being down £40,000 very early in the game, he worked his way back to be the biggest winner in the 48 hour cash game.

I couldn’t be any happier,” said Viffer at the end of the marathon session, “I am still ready to play, can’t we go on for longer?”

Party Poker and Matchroom Sport executives must have be Pro Wrestling fans, because they’ve brought some WWE style gimmicks to the table. Each player had a walkout song that ranged from Tony G’s ‘Bicycle Race’ to Roland De Wolfe’s howling ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’.

Luke ‘FullFlush’ Schwartz played the heel role like a natural born Vince McMahon style showman, and was greeted with a round of loud boos as he made his way to the table, while Neil Channing did his best Karate Kid impression. It’s sure to make great viewing when it hits TV screens later in the year.

A full summary of the winners and losers from the big game is below:

PartyPoker.com The Big Game IV player Profit and Loss (UK £)


Name                                                                          Profit/Loss                     

Paul Marrow                                                              -15,000                          

Jennifer Tilly                                                              32,975                           

Laurence Grondin                                                    20,725                            

Dusty Schmidt                                                           -11,925                          

David Viffer Peat                                                        146,225                         

Isaac Haxton                                                              -6,775                            

Neil Channing                                                           -24,725                          

Andreas Ruiz                                                              -5,000                            

Oscar Pardo                                                              -750                               

Dixie Dean                                                                 -10,000                           

Roberto Romanello                                                  -20,000                          

Guy Steele                                                                  1,050                             

Paul Zimbler                                                              12,650                           

Barny Boatman                                                          3,825                             

Andrew Feldman                                                      -8,900                            

Phil Laak                                                                     21,925                           

Luke Schwartz                                                           -55,000                          

Ellis Reuben                                                              25,225                           

Simon Munz                                                               -24,900                          

MB Mahmoud                                                           -27,200                          

Robert Williamson III                                                10,450                           

Bodo  Sbrzesny                                                          17,450                            

Sam Trickett                                                              24,825                           

Tony G                                                                        11,500                           

Dan Fleyshman                                                         -2,675                            

Roland De Wolfe                                                       -60,000                          

Justin Bonomo                                                          -43,025                           

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David Peat ran the table at the Party Poker Big Game David Peat ran the table at the Party Poker Big Game

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