Bluff Magazine Launches Australasian Edition

Posted at 07:00 2006-04-24

Aussie poker enthusiasts will be glad to know that Bluff Magazine, the world’s best-known poker magazine, is launching a special edition just for our part of the globe. The very first edition of Bluff Australasia will hit newsstands around the country on Thursday April 27, meaning that you no longer have to subscribe to get a copy of Bluff in your hands! Bluff Australasia publisher Alan Hyman said the magazine would follow Bluff’s tradition of taking a unique look at poker. "We’ve been waiting for the right time to launch Bluff in Australia and we’re finally able to share this fantastic magazine with a brand new audience,” Hyman said. “Unlike the USA, the poker phenomenon is just taking off in Australia. This means that we can help people just starting to make decisions about where to play, which games are best suited for them, and show them why poker is such an exciting sport.” Managing editor Sean Callander said Bluff Australasia would combine the best of the US material with all the latest news on the local poker scene. “Bluff already has an awesome line-up of columnists like Andy Bloch, Antonio ‘The Magician’ Esfandiari, Annie Duke, Phil Gordon and Mike Caro,” Callander said. “These writers will continue to present their thoughts on strategy and guides for assisting players with their games. But you’ll also find profiles, features and stories from the latest happenings in Aussie poker.” In the first issue, expect to find interviews with reigning World Series champion Joe Hachem and 2006 Aussie Million winner Lee Nelson, a report on the pub poker craze that is sweeping the nation, coverage of the Australian Poker League’s massive live freeroll, updates on local players making it big overseas, news from the recent NZ champs and more. And remember, this is on top of all the offerings from the US issue. For those lucky enough to be in the know (or just lucky enough to be hanging around), Bluff Australasia will be hosting a launch party at the Crown Casino Poker Room on Thursday 27th April. In addition to the normal goodies like food and drinks, a special free tournament will be held, with guests vying for the Bluff Launch Cup. Bluff Australasia will be available in all newsagents around Australia from April 27. RRP, $6.95.

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