Bounty Huntin' Season At Melbourne Champs

Posted at 13:33 2009-05-21
Day Four of the Melbourne Poker Championships saw Mixed Stud and Bounty action as we start creep closer to some of the feature events on the schedule.
The day started with 30 players strolling into Crown with a coffee in hand as they sat down at 10:10am for the $120 Morning Series Mixed Stud event. Known as the ‘Ass-end of Horse’, Razz, 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo would be featured with notables taking a seat including mixed game specialists Dave Morton, Abel Cabrera, Angie Italiano and Peter Aristidou. However PokerNetwork was well represented with Michael ‘TheSharkBoy’ Palti, Trung ‘DYnaSTyZz’ Tran, Mark ‘thret’ Furniss and yours truly, all vacating the forums for some tournament action.
Abel Cabrera and Peter Aristidou were eliminated on the bubble as the top five snuck into the money. However it would be Mark Bounader that would top the field to take down event three of the Morning Series.
1st – Mark Bounader ($944)
2nd – Nathan Kivi ($675)
3rd – Brian Hull ($473)
4th – Emmanouel Sideridis ($338)
5th – Tim Duckworth ($270)
Action would return to the felt at 7:10pm when a healthy field of 280 players took their seat in the $230 No Limit Holdem Bounty Event. Every table had a randomly drawn bounty; which entitled the player who knocked them out with a bonus $100 from the prize pool.
The notables were out in force with Andrew ‘Adgee’ Jeffreys, Marwan Nassif, Andrew Meldrum, Antonio Casale, Lisa Walsh, Sam Jessop, Karl Krautschneider and JHDSS Main Event winner Daniel Botta all making an appearance.
However it would be Petar Vujic that would remain last man standing when the dust settled, pocketing a tidy $11,200 for a long slog on the felt.
Final Table results:
1st Petar Vujic $11,200
2nd Fred Madon $8,000
3rd Robert Bechara $6,000
4th Peng Khoo $4,500
5th Mehmet Kiran $3,500
6th Matthew McMahon $2,500
7th Con Krousaratis $2,000
8th Calvin Hoang $1,500
9th Anna Pescatore $1,000
10th Philip Yousef $800
Day five of the Melbourne Championships offers a $120 Crazy Pineapple event in the morning series, another Main Event rebuy satellite at 2pm, with the feature event the popular $340 No Limit Holdem Terminator event at 7pm.

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Petar Vujic Celebrates His Victory in the Bounty Event Petar Vujic Celebrates His Victory in the Bounty Event

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