CardRunners Instructor Grant Coombs Discusses Turning Hands into Bluffs

Posted at 12:45 2013-05-15 by CardRunners, Kristy Arnett

Grant Coombs, better known as "balbomb" to the online poker community, was a long-time member of CardRunners before becoming an instructor. His preferred game is six-max no-limit hold'em cash games, and he regularly plays $200NL. In this teaser video, Coombs discusses the strategy behind turning hands with showdown value into a bluff in a classroom-style interaction.

Coombs first covers how to evaluate showdown value based on ranges and game dynamics. It is important to remember that showdown value is about relative value, not absolute value. Once the relative value of your hand is pinpointed, you can then assess whether or not you should try to get better hands fold. When carefully applied to your game, turning showdown hands into bluffs is a great way to increase your win rate.

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