CardRunners Training: Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald vs. Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen in SCOOP

Posted at 18:00 2014-10-20 by CardRunners

CardRunners instructor and PokerNews contributor Alexander “Assassinato” Fitzgerald joins us today to share a “really meaty hand” he played during PokerStars Spring Online Championship of Online Poker Event #4-H, a $530+R short-handed, no-limit hold’em tournament in which he finished fourth for a $54,872 score.

The hand finds Fitzgerald going up against one of online poker’s toughest competitors, Chris “Big Huni” Hunichen. As you’ll see, the hand required multiple tricky decisions from Fitzgerald while also evoking some interesting discussion of the significance of time-banking when playing online.

Watch and listen to “Assassinato” break down each street in detail:

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