CardRunners Training: Bluffing at $200NL 6-Max. with Ben “BenaBadBeat” Raven

Posted at 20:00 2015-01-19 by CardRunners

Today’s preview video features CardRunners instructor Ben “BenaBadBeat” Raven reviewing a session of $200NL 6-max. with a special emphasis on bluffing.

With a background in small- and mid-stakes full ring NL, Raven has been spending more time of late at the short-handed tables where — as he explains — “you’re faced with spots that are so much more awkward all of the time” thanks to the higher frequency of thin value betting and bluffing.

The preview features a lengthy breakdown of a single hand in which Raven ends up barreling all three postflop streets from out of position against a tough opponent. Take a look at the hand and listen to Raven’s explanation of the various factors influencing his thinking with each decision:

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