CardRunners Training: Miikka “Chuck Bass” Anttonen On How to Use HUDs in MTTs

Posted at 20:00 2014-12-22 by CardRunners

In this video, CardRunners instructor “Chuck Bass” — that is, Finnish high-stakes multi-table tournament pro Miikka Anttonen — discusses the value of using a Heads-Up Display (HUD) when playing multi-table tournaments.

“I personally don’t believe that HUDs should determine how you play,” Anttonen begins. “I think they should be an aid that guide you when you’re unsure about something.”

After some further introductory remarks, Anttonen demonstrates that very idea as he talks through the start of a hand from a 6-max. tournament in which he took opponents’ HUD stats into account when making decisions. Take a look:

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