Carl Booth Leads PokerNews Cup Final Table

Posted at 04:11 2009-10-05
Day two of the 2009 PokerNews Cup Main Event saw a delayed start to play due to local daylight savings, but that still wouldn’t halter the 132 players hitting the felt with the goal of reaching a final nine.
Early casualties included Steve Topakas, Chris Chronis, Lisa Walsh, Jamie Glazier and Julian Powell as overnight chip leader Jonathan ‘xMONSTERxDONGx’ Karamalikis continued his good form and good luck, after spiking a two-outer to send his umpteenth victim to the rail.
Ben ‘CNT_CRUSHER’ Delaney, Michael ‘TheBigSiCkO’ Guzzardi, Jarred ‘FlopNutsOnYou’ Graham, Leo Boxell and Sean Keeton all bit the dust, as Karamalikis felt what it was like to be on the opposite end of being two-outered when he contested a monster pot holding {As}{Ah} to Minh Nguyen’s {Kh}{Kc}. All the money went in preflop, but the dreaded {Ks} on the river would see Karamalikis slip to a spot he hasn’t been at since the third level of day one.
Clonie Gowen was unable to outrun aces as PokerStars.net Team Australia Pros Emad Tahtouh and Grant Levy began to accumulate some chips. One of Australia’s poker icons in Antonis ‘Toothpick Tony’ Kambouroglou, along with Andrew Hinrichsen, Ben Savage, Michael Pedley and Karamalikis all hit the rail as Joe Cabret surged into the chip lead.
Andrew ‘Adgee’ Jeffreys was unable to add a third victory to his week when he bowed out after he called heads, but flipped tails, in one of the common poker coin-flip situations. Levy exited just shy of the money, but it would be Eric Sclavos who would be the tournament bubble boy when his {Js}{Jh} were outflopped by an opponent’s {Ad}{Kd} to put thirty-two player’s minds at ease – now being guaranteed an AU$4,000 payday.
Ash Gupta (32nd), Karl Krautschneider (29th) and Patrick Fletcher (25th) were a few of the notables to collect the minimum pay out while James Bernard (24th), Paul Sharbanee (23rd), Nguyen (22nd) and Daniel Neilson (17th) topped off the next round of eliminations.
Following a final two-table redraw, Tahtouh started to put his experience to good use as he began ascending up the leaderboard.  Full Tilt Poker Pro Billy ‘The Croc’ Argyros managed one double, but would hit the rail shortly after in 15th when his two-pair was punished by Tony ‘Bond18’ Dunst’s Broadway straight. Tahtouh’s stint up the leaderboard would be short lived after he committed his last remaining chips with top pair, only to be outdone by Carl Booth’s overpair. As Tahtouh hit the rail when the turn and river blanked out, Booth soared into the chip lead holding more than double his nearest rival.
Local players Kris Nedanovski (13th) and Marwan Nassif (11th) saw the hometown hopes of a repeat champion diminish as Dunst became the final table bubble boy when he was eliminated in brutal fashion. In a four-way pot to a flop of {Ah}{Kh}{2d}, Dunst led out from the small blind and was called by Lawrence Gibson. The turn dropped the {Ks} and Dunst fired again, before quickly calling an all-in raise from Gibson and tabling his {Kd}{2s} to be in the lead against his Gibson’s {Kc}{9h}. Unfortunately for Dunst, the {9c} would land on the river to see him exit in tenth to leave the final table of nine set as followed:
Seat 1: Lawrence Gibson (914,000)
Seat 2: Carl Booth (1,197,000)
Seat 3: Con Tsapkounis (882,000)
Seat 4: Michel Bouskila (285,000)
Seat 5: Joe Cabret (1,112,000)
Seat 6: Antonio Ascenzio (582,000)
Seat 7: Angelo Prifti (856,000)
Seat 8: Sam Khouiss (627,000)
Seat 9: Herman Marchese (1,177,000)
The final table will be kicking off at 2:00pm local time with every rivered flush, turned straight and flopped set being brought to you by the PokerNews Team live from the 2009 PokerNews Cup and the Crown Poker Room in Melbourne.

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Carl Booth Leads PokerNews Cup Main Event Final Table Carl Booth Leads PokerNews Cup Main Event Final Table

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