Carlos Mortensen Claims Third WPT Title!

Posted at 15:57 2010-03-26

Carlos Mortensen has joined Gus Hansen as the only two men to win three WPT titles. Mortensen earned his third victory in the WPT Hollywood Open, ironically held about as far away from Hollywood as possible in small town Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

The “Great Dane”, long seen as a trail blazer on the World Poker Tour circuit, has had to make way for the Ecuadorian. Mortensen is the only man to have won the World Series of Poker Main Event and the World Poker Tour Championship, as well as now overtaking Daniel Negreanu as the WPT’s all-time WPT money leader. Mortensen has $5.6 million in earnings from his time on the World Poker Tour.

On the flip-side of things, numbers continue to dwindle on poker’s original organised television circuit. Only 144 players turned out for the $10,000 buy-in Hollywood Poker Open, despite the fact that it was the first ever time it has been run. Based off current tournament turn-outs it seems that players are abandoning the $10,000 buy-ins, in favour of smaller $5,000 events.

The top ten players got paid, with well known player Eric "Rizen" Lynch getting the minimum cash of $23,019. Mortensen began the final table televised six-handed final table as the chip leader, but the stack sizes were not deep, with Mortensen starting with 60 big blinds. Jerry Payne started with only 13 big blinds and was the first to exit in sixth place, earning $88,791. Ravi Raghavan joined him in fifth and just two hands later, Chris Bell lost a race to make the final table three-handed before you could blink.

Three-handed play started relatively even with Mortsensen, Mike Mustafa, and Frank Calo all hovering around similar stacks. The early exchanges favoured Mortensen and Mustafa, with Calo finding himself the short stack. He got his chips in ahead when he flopped top two pair on a {5c}{4c}{2d} flop, and Mortensen made the call with his {3c}{3s} open-ended straight draw. Things looked better for Calo with the {8d} on the turn, but the river cruelly hit the {3h} to eliminate him in third place.

The heads up battle was back and forwards with the chip stacks reasonably close throughout. After two hours Mortensen would be facing a crucial decision against an opponent with top two pair again. This time Mortensen wasn’t on the draw though, holding {8h}{7c} on the {td}{9d}{6s} flop. No repeater came on the turn or river, giving Mortensen a firm grip on the championship and he would eliminate Mustafa from the tournament a few hands later.

Final Table Results

1st: Carlos Mortensen - $393,820
2nd: Mike Mustafa - $223,623
3rd: Frank Calo - $167,717
4th: Chris Bell - $124,966
5th: Ravi Raghavan - $105,234
6th: Jerry Payne - $88,791

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Carlos Mortensen Wins Third WPT Title! Carlos Mortensen Wins Third WPT Title!

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