Cash Machine Returns in 2010 at Party Poker!

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December 30 2009

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"Enjoy the Cash Machine at Party Poker in 2010!"
December 30, 2009

Due to popular demand the “Cash Machine” at Party Poker is back and there are still no limits when you raid this very special ATM!

The Party Poker Cash Machine promotion kicks off on January 4th 2010 and runs right through until the end of January. The promotion is simple - the Cash Machine will convert PartyPoints into cold hard cash!

To cash in on this unlimited cash reward promotion, all you have to do is earn 10 or more PartyPoints on at least 10 days during the promotion. At the end of the promotion, Party Poker will look at the PartyPoints collected by every player on their 10 highest-earning days, then match the number of points you accumulated on the lowest of those days with a cash reward of $1 for every point earned.

How the Cash Machine Works

If a player earns the following points on their ten highest-earning days:

Days one to three: 100 points per day
Days four to seven: 175 points per day
Days eight to ten: 150 points per day

The lowest daily points total in this period is 100, which means Party Poker put in a $100 cash reward directly into a player's Party Account.

There are up to 28 qualifying days and the cash machine bonus is only limited by the number of points earned! So if the lowest day’s points total is 1,000 points, then that means Party Poker will give you a whopping $1,000 cash bonus!

The minimum payout from this very special ATM is $10. So if a player gets more than one point on ten qualifying days, but not up to 10 points to qualify for the minimum cash reward, then they will be entered into a special $25,000 Cash Machine freeroll, which takes place at 15.00ET on Wednesday 3rd February 2009. To partake in the freeroll, players still have to accumulate at least one point on ten qualifying days during the promotion.

A Party Poker spokesman commented, "We’ve also added an extra incentive for the most serious players. Earn a minimum of 1,000 PartyPoints per day on 20 of the 28 days and we’ll award a special Cash Machine Booster Bonus in addition to the standard cash machine payout.”

The Booster Bonus ranges from $500 up to an incredible $5,000 cash bonus!

For more information on the Cash Machine Booster Bonus and the Cash Machine promotion, refer to the terms and conditions on the Party Poker website.

Of course if you’re yet to try out Party Poker then PokerNetwork have an exclusive offer for you to help you kick start your Cash Machine promotion. Just download Party Poker through the links here on PokerNetwork to enjoy a $50 Free Cash Bonus with no deposit required!

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