Cashout Tournaments And Run It Twice On Full Tilt!

Posted at 17:00 2009-10-17
Full Tilt Poker has always led the way with new and innovative software in the online poker world. Not they have upped the ante even more, with two new and exciting features that they have added to their software: Run it Twice and Cashout Tournaments.
You may have seen or heard of ‘running it twice’ before. This phenomenon has been popularized on TV programs like Poker After Dark and High Stakes Poker. This fantastic new initiative offers ring game players the opportunity to see two outcomes for the one hand! With Run it Twice, when two players get into a heads-up situation where one or both are all in, the remaining community cards are dealt twice, with the winner of each outcome taking half of the pot. By implementing Run It Twice tables, Full Tilt has added yet another element of live poker to their online play.
Perhaps even more interesting than this are the Cashout Tournaments. These give players the opportunity to "cash out" some or all of their chips before a tournament has ended. These all new Cashout Tournaments play just like any other standard tournament. Players will still compete for a share of a tournament prize pool, but they also have the option of cashing out and leaving the table before the tournament is finished. Full Tilt Poker is the only site to offer players this revolutionary new tournament format.
Run It Twice and Cashout Tournaments are the two latest additions to Full Tilt Poker. These new styles of play alongside their countless other initiatives have cemented Full Tilt as the home of world-class software. Full Tilt is also the only site where players can Learn, Chat and Play with the pros. Full Tilt Poker continues to strive towards providing the best online poker experience available in the world today.
Don’t forget to check out the other fantastic local promotion that Full Tilt is currently running: The Australian Poker Hero!
To find out more about Run it Twice and Cashout Tournaments, as well as other features and promotions, please visit Full Tilt Poker!

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Great new features at Full Tilt Poker! Great new features at Full Tilt Poker!

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