Charles Chua Finishes 3rd in APPT Manila

Posted at 15:44 2010-03-26

Play started out six days ago in Manila in the Philippines for the PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup, also forming par t of the APPT series, with many notables and amateurs putting up US$2,700 to form the 430-player field. PokerStars.net Team USA pro Barry Greenstein, Team Asia pro’s Bryan Huang and Raymond Wu, Guillame Patry, Wally Sombero, Tom Hall and respected local and WSOP Tournament Director Lloyd Fontillas all fell over the course of the three day ones.

216 players returned for day two action with plans to play down to the bubble where the surviving 52 players would be guaranteed a US$4,200 payday.

Unfortunately for the Poker Pack members of Nam Le, Chino Rheem and Tommy Le they would be the first major notables to fall before one of the local’s favourite players in Neil Arce hit the rail running into an opponent’s {Ac}{Ah} with his pair and straight draw. Asian Poker Tour head honcho Chris Parker also found himself all in and out-kicked as he was swiftly booted to the rail to join his counterpart Hall.

Hong Kong-based Australian Andrew Scott continued his lean run in recent tournaments after getting all his chips into the middle holding {Ks}{Kh}, but his opponent’s {Ah}{Qh} found not only an ace on the flop, but also a queen, and just to rub it in the dealer dropped another ace on the river.

Celina Lin joined her fellow Team Asia pros on the sidelines when her {As}{Qd} was unable to improve against two player’s holding ace-king as she stumbled out as play neared the money. It took nearly eight levels of play, but 52 players could breathe easy with some guaranteed money in their pocket as play ceased for the night.

Melbourne’s John Dalessandri had a rather quiet tournament but he was one of the early notables to fall as he collected US$5,200 for his 31st place. The only female to cash – Percy Yung – collected US$5,700 for 25th place before APT Macau Runner-Up Inwook Choi was unable to use the early momentum and chips he had accumulated to bust in 23rd place.

Mike Kim and Roger Spets were two of the most experienced players left in the field, but when Kim fell short on chips and made a move he eventually fell in 17th for US$7,800, while Spets was on the wrong end of an ace-king, kings and queens clash to see him exit in 13th place for US$10,400. Once Sim Jae Kyung was eliminated in 10th place, we had arrived at a final table after just over six hours of play as play was halted for the night.

Seat 1: Hyung Lee - 363,000

Seat 2: Kirby Te - 1,205,000
Seat 3: Hyung Sun Jung - 983,000
Seat 4: Binh Nguyen - 660,000
Seat 5: Terrence Chan - 747,000
Seat 6: Vic Chang - 563,000
Seat 7: Gordon Huntly - 1,528,000
Seat 8: Choon Lim - 1,886,000
Seat 9: Charles Chua - 560,000

Play started in an unusual fashion with an earthquake shaking everybody up during the opening ceremonies, but it would be Binh Nguyen who put it past him as he pushed, raised and re-raised his way up the leaderboard to nearly double his stack before anyone had even had a chance to get comfortable.

Although he started the final table as one of the short stacks, PokerStars pro Terrence Chan was one of the most feared players remaining. Unfortunately for his fellow final tablists their worst wish was realised when Chan doubled up holding {Qd}{Jd} on a {Kc}{7d}{9d} flop against the flopped set of sevens for Kirby Te. The {10d} dinked on the turn and when the river blanked out, Chan moved back into contention.

Hyung Lee would be the first casualty after three-betting all in holding {Ac}{Qc} only to be called by Gordon Huntly and his {8s}{8d}. An eight on the flop was all that was needed to send Lee out in 9th place for a US$19,800 payday as Huntly challenged the chip lead.

After doubling up Terrence Chan earlier, Kirby Te was unable to recover and three-bet all in on a steal with {Qh}{5h} and was called by Hyung Sun Jung with {Ah}{10s}. The board ran out {9c}{Ac}{10h}{Kh}{As} to send Te to the rail with a US$26,600 payday for his 8th placing.

Victor Chang was next to fall when his all in was called by Gordon Huntly. Chang was in great shape holding {As}{Kh} to dominate Huntly’s {Ah}{8h} but when the board ran out {8s}{Qd}{Jh}{5s}{6h}, Chang exited in 7th place for a US$33,900 payday.

Action slowed down for quite a while before Choon Lim decided to make a move against the relentless aggressor in Binh Nguyen. Unfortunately Lim’s {10h}{5h} was unable to best Nguyen’s {Qd}{Qh} as he left the final table with US$44,300 in hand after his 6th place finish.

Next to fall was Hyung Sun Jung when he open-jammed preflop holding {8s}{8c} but was snapped off by Gordon Huntly’s {Kd}{Kc}. Although Jung flopped a backdoor straight draw, he was unable to improve as he was eliminated in 5th place, US$54,700 richer.

With play now four-handed the players took a quick break before Terrence Chan kicked it off with a quick double up as PokerNetwork’s own Charles Chua started to push his weight round. Unfortunately for Chan the two busy players since the break would clash with the Canadian losing out to the Australian/Malaysian. Chan found himself all in holding {9c}{9s} to be up against Chua’s {Ac}{Jh} for the dreaded tournament coin flip, and Chan called heads but flipped tails when the board ran out {jc}{8h}{3d}{5d}{Kd}. His tournament ended in 4th place for a US$71,500 payday.

Play circled round the three remaining players for well over an hour before a short-stacked Charles Chua moved all in holding {Ks}{10c} and found action from Binh Nguyen and his {10s}{10h}. Chua managed to flop a gutshot but nothing more as he exited in 3rd place for a US$93,850 payday to now take him over the US$500,000 in earnings mark and see him sit just outside the top 20 on Australia’s All Time Money List.

Binh Nguyen – 6,560,000
Gordon Huntly – 1,930,000

After the final two players returned from dinner break, the action was pretty subdued with many flops being seen, but a single bet closing the action. Gordon Huntly had been chipping away at Binh Nguyen’s stack for sometime before finding a huge double up to take the lead. On a board reading {3d}{4d}{6c}{Qd} Huntly found himself all in holding {kd}{Jd} to Nguyen’s {10d}{7d}, and after the meaningless {jh} fell on the river he took the slight chip lead.

Nguyen however would regain his composure and start applying the pressure that had seen him accumulate so many chips as he eventually snatched back the chip lead when he made a river call holding just top pair to best Huntly’s busted straight-draw.

It would take just a handful more of hands to see the tournament come to a close. Nguyen opened to 200,000 and Huntly made it 600,000 to go. Nguyen then moved all in and Huntly made the call for his tournament life tabling {Kc}{Qh} to be in a race with Nguyen’s {7c}{7h}. The board ran out {9c}{9s}{2s}{6s}{8d} to see Gordon Huntly eliminated in 2nd place for a US$166,800 payday as Binh Nguyen was crowned the 1st PAGCOR Chairman’s Cup Champion and recipient of the coveted trophy and US$260,700 in prizemoney.

Congratulations to Binh Nguyen for a well-played tournament and congratulations to PokerNetwork’s Charles ‘PeepOnTheSly’ Chua for another fantastic showing.

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Binh Nguyen celebrates his victory Binh Nguyen celebrates his victory

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