ChipMeUp - Another Way To The Felt

Posted at 18:15 2009-01-30
If you're yet to hear about ChipMeUp, the latest PokerNews acquisition, then here is the story of Luke Abolins who recently found himself on a plane from England to sunny Melbourne for a crack at the $2million first place prize at the 2009 Aussie Millions.

888 Poker were the host for an Aussie Millions Qualifier, where Luke "Resteal" Abolins managed overcome a tough field to win a $12,500 Aussie Millions Package!

In line with the staking theme of ChipMeUp, one of the conditions of the tournament was that the winner would only receive 50 per cent of his Main Event winnings – the remaining would be distributed to the top 18 satellite finishers. Luke admits this was a huge factor in attracting him to the promotion. "I liked the fact that there was a consolation for other finishers as it can be very frustrating to play for hours, bust out of these satellites and get nothing," says Luke.

Luke also felt that knowing 17 other players were railing his progress gave him an increased level of focus throughout the tournament. "It stopped me from tilting at all as I was not just playing for myself but for a bunch of other players which included a couple of friends… The fact that I would only receive 50% of my winnings also helped me stay focused on trying to win the tournament and not just make the money, which is an extremely important concept in tournament poker," explains Luke.

Luke achieved an excellent result, finishing 79th out of the 681 strong field, just short of reaching the money. His final hand saw his {Ah}{Qh} fall to an opponent's inferior {Ks}{Td}. However, Luke is confident he has left this tournament a better player. "Despite just missing out on cashing, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the event," comments Luke. "I gained a tonne of experience and learn a lot every time I play a big tournament which puts me in better stead for the next event."

Luke will be back on ChipMeUp and you can buy a piece of his action at his next major event. Or perhaps even join him on the felt, thanks to ChipMeUp!

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ChipMeUp - Another Way To The Felt ChipMeUp - Another Way To The Felt

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