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Posted at 06:29 2009-06-29
We've all seen him in action, we all love him, and we've all looked on as Tony G has offered piece after piece of himself for members of ChipMeUp. Now Tony G wants to return the favour. He is doing so by setting up the ChipMeUp staking league where you have the chance to be staked into a $109 tournament by the great man himself!
The league will consist of two weekly $5.50 freezeout tournaments. The prize pool will be paid out as normal with the staking prize being offered as added value on top of the prize pool!
All you need to do is finish in the top 3 in any of these tournaments and you will win a free $109 tournament entry which needs to be played within a week.
On top of this great prize the player who wins the most money in their $109 tournament will be crowned the carry over champion and will win automatic entry into another $109 tournament the following week. If nobody wins any money for the week, then there will be no carry over champion.
Don’t forget you are staked into these events. They are staked at 50% player 50% Tony G (ie. Tony G pays for the whole entry fee. Player keeps half of the winnings).
Qualifying for this prize is even easier than tying Velcro shoes. All you need to do to be eligible is to have listed at least one event and bought at least one share on ChipMeUp prior to the $5.50 weekly tournament.
The first weeks' $5.50 tournament will be held on Full Tilt. There will be a weekly sticky in the ChipMeUp forums.

Tournament ID
28th June 13:00 ET
30th June 06:00 ET

Players must email ChipMeUp with the details of the $100+9 tournament they intend on playing before receiving their $100+9.

Players can play on any site they choose but the $100+9 may only be received on certain sites.
This is just one of many fantastic staking opportunities on ChipMeUp. For more backing and staking offers don’t forget to check the Staking And Backing Forum in the PokerNetwork Forums!
Note: *only one prize per person per week.


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ChipMeUp Weekly League ChipMeUp Weekly League

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