Christchurch Casino Announces Women's Poker

Posted at 11:37 2009-05-07
Hot on the heels of the New Zealand Poker Championships, Christchurch Casino is launching Women’s Poker in an environment that is great fun, safe and all about gaining confidence and knowledge of the popular card game, Texas Hold'em Poker.
Brett Anderson, Christchurch Casino’s Chief Executive, says that poker has gained momentum in pop culture in recent times, but typically gets associated with groups of men.
“We know that it can be quite intimidating for women to sit down at a poker table, so we’re creating an environment to get women together, meet new people or get together with friends and learn the game for free”.
“It’s about experiencing the entertainment value of poker at Christchurch Casino, but also of being empowered at the same time – poker’s not all about macho stereotypes as is often portrayed,” continues Anderson.
Women’s Poker is free for women 20 years and over to enjoy and will take place on Thursdays night in Christchurch Casino’s Diamond Bar from 6-8pm.
Christchurch Casino was the first New Zealand casino to introduce poker to its gaming floor 11 years ago. For more details please visit the Christchurch Casino website.


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Christchurch Casino Announce Women's Poker Christchurch Casino Announce Women's Poker

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