Claim as Many Scalps As Possible in the bet-at-home.com Bounty Brawl Freerolls

Posted at 13:50 2013-04-26 by PokerNetwork Staff

How many times have you played in an online poker tournament where you have personally eliminated several players yet you still failed to reach the money places? It has happened to us more than we would care to admit and it frustrates us no end when the scenario occurs.

Thanks to the bet-at-home.com Bounty Brawl Freerolls, an exclusive PokerNews-companies promotion, you can now make money from a tournament without having to actually reach the payout places. Are you interested in this exciting concept? Then keep reading to discover more about this excellent promotion.

Bounty tournaments are extremely popular thanks to their unique structure allowing players to make money from the tournament without the need to cash. Thanks to the PokerNews bet-at-home.com Bounty Brawl, you can compete in three such bounty tournaments free of charge, giving you the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about firsthand.

The PokerNews bet-at-home.com Bounty Brawl will see three PokerNews-exclusive tournaments take place, each boasting a prize pool of $1,500. Each of the three tournaments plays out exactly the same as any other you may have played before, except for one major difference.

When players participate in the bet-at-home.com Bounty Brawl freerolls, each does so with a $5 bounty on his or her head. Be responsible for an opponent's elimination from the tournament and you will win their $5 bounty! Knock out one player and $5 is yours; bust out four and you will capture $20! There is no limit on how many bounties you can win in a single tournament, so ramp up the aggression and reap the rewards of this popular format. Just remember that you also have a bounty on your head, and your opponents will be going all out to claim it.

To participate in the PokerNews bet-at-home.com Bounty Brawl freerolls all you need to do is

  • Download bet-at-home.com poker via PokerNetwork
  • Create your free bet-at-home.com account
  • Generate just 50 Frequent Player Points (FPP) during the qualification period
  • Take your seat in the respective freeroll
  • Attack your opponents relentlessly in an attempt to eliminate them
  • Make some profit

FPPs are earned at a rate of 1FPP per 0.25 in rake.

Tournament schedule and qualification details

TournamentDateTime(GMT)Prize PoolQualification Period
PokerNews Bounty Brawl #1May. 419:00$1,500April 4. 00:01 GMT — May 1. 23:59
PokerNews Bounty Brawl #2June 119:00$1,500May 4. 00:01 GMT — May 29. 23:59
PokerNews Bounty Brawl #3June 2919:00$1,500June 1. 00:01 GMT — June 26. 23:59

As you can see from the tables above, the first of our exclusive Bounty Brawl freerolls takes place on May 4, but the qualification period ends at 23:59 GMT on May 1, giving you just under two weeks to generate 50 frequent-player points.

The first Bounty Brawl tournament takes place at 19:00 GMT on May.4 so you do not have long to wait if you are itching to test out the exciting bounty format. Qualification for this particular freeroll ends at 23:59 GMT on May 1 so there is less than a week left to earn 50 frequent player points.

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bet-at-home.com Bounty Brawl Freerolls bet-at-home.com Bounty Brawl Freerolls

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