Climb Mount Everest with PokerStars

Posted at 15:54 2010-05-29

In one of the most interesting promotions in poker history, PokerStars has announced that they will be sending one lucky player on a trip to Mount Everest. The trip will be an all expenses paid adventure to the world’s highest mountain.

Not only will PokerStars be covering the bill for the lucky winner of the Mount Everest promotion, but the winner will also get to accompany the Benegas brothers (dubbed the “Patagonian brothers”) on their quest to climb the 29,029-foot Himalayan mountain. Damien and Willie Benegas, who are being sponsored by PokerStars, are attempting a deadly feat that only 1,400 climbers have managed to accomplish (this will be Willie’s 10th trip to the summit).

Of course, PokerStars isn’t expecting the Mount Everest promotion winner to climb the mountain with the Benegas; PokerStars just wants the winner to walk with them to their base camp in the Himalayas. The winner will also get to play poker with the Benegas since they intend on playing poker from their base camp all the way to the top of Everest.

If hanging out with Damien and Willie Benegas, and getting a free trip to the Himalayas sounds like fun to you, then you should consider buying into the PokerStars’ Mount Everest tournament. The tournament is a one-time only event and it will be held at 18:00ET on May 30th. The buy-in is just $1.10!

To participate in this extremely cheap tournament, you just need to download PokerStars through PokerNetwork.com. Once you’ve downloaded PokerStars, you will not only have the opportunity to play in the Mount Everest tournament, but you will also be entitled to a 100% deposit bonus up to $600 by using our PokerStars Bonus Code.

By playing in the Mount Everest tournament, you will be contributing to a great cause since PokerStars is donating $5,000 towards cleaning up Mount Everest. Plus you get to play for a trip to the Himalayas for only $1!

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Climb Mount Everest with PokerStars! Climb Mount Everest with PokerStars!

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