Clonie Gowen vs Full Tilt Part II

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November 26 2008

Written to World Poker News by thkcduckworth

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Clonie Gowen vs Full Tilt Part II

"Clonie Gowen"
January 07, 2009

Clonie Gowen and her former sponsor Full Tilt are still in the headlines as fellow poker pros are starting to speak up and make their views heard publicly; namely Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein and more recently Kevin O’Donnell.

On his website’s forum, Full Contact Poker, Negreanu has been quoted as saying the following:

"She has gone absolutely ding bat crazy and is making things up. There is just no freaking way they'd offer her 1%, no freaking way. This feels more like crazy ex-girlfriend extortion than anything else. I really hope she doesn't get away with this, luckily I don't think she will. What an idiot.

It's so obvious what she is trying to do. Who do you think posted the link on the internet? She wants to create a stir in the hopes that she can get some kind of home rum settlement figuring FTP can afford it and it's easier to throw money at her and make her go away. All of it based on complete lunacy and lies. I hope she ends up with what she deserves: nothing. She's ruined herself with this move. I'll never speak to her again, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Clonie has officially lost her mind and is probably going to end up with nothing, broke, and out of poker within the next two years. It's over for her.

As for Clonie, naming random people associated with FTP in a lawsuit is extremely irresponsible and inappropriate. It's like she's just throwing darts and guessing. She's not going to make any friends doing that. I mean, Mike Matusow? Like he needs to be on that suit, it's ridiculous."

In response to Negreanu’s comments his fellow Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein had the following to say on his PokerRoad forum:

"I don't agree with Daniel about it ruining her for poker, but maybe he just means that it is very tough for the average tournament player to make enough to pay the bills without any sponsorship. I don't get the feeling that Clonie supplements her income with side game winnings, although she does make something from poker boot camps.

For all the criticism about her play, she has won two decent tournaments this year and three (out of three) Poker After Darks. That makes her sixth on the all time money list for women in poker. I wouldn't count invitational events, but even without them she would be in the top ten.

I vaguely recall her telling me a few years back that she thought she was going to get some stock, but I would have thought she would have gotten that cleared up within a year of representing the company. It certainly seems strange to bring it up after all these years."

Tournament circuit veteran Kevin O’Donnell recently spoke up on the TwoPlusTwo forum saying:

"There has been more mud thrown around on this than the presidential election. Only this time, Negreanu, you have thrown most of it, in a race you're not even in.

I have always found Clonie to be not only a good person, but a great ambassador for FT.

I do know that she has been in every TV ad and picture as a member of team Full Tilt until a little while back. I don't know (nor do you), what the arrangement that she had with FT was, but to assume there was nothing at all, would be a little naive.

I think the best thing you can do Daniel, is go have your mom make you lunch, chill out, and mind your own business. All the people I have had the pleasure of meeting on "The FT Team" are very nice people with more integrity and manners than you have shown here. They all seem, intelligent and capable enough of dealing with any issues they might have with Clonie, one on one in private.

I might not be much of a poker player, but, I do know right from wrong, and you are WAY wrong in your attempted public assassination of a nice person."

With some well-known pros speaking out about this issue it will be interesting to see what will eventuate as time goes on. The latest rumours circulating are that Full Tilt pros Chris Ferguson, Andy Bloch, Erick Lindgren and Allen Cunningham are unhappy with the situation and there is speculative talk of them wanting out of Full Tilt Poker.

This case will most likely be settled out of court to not further damage the Full Tilt Poker name, along with the names attached as defendants. If Gowen is deemed to be correct in her allegations there will most likely be a third-party team to access the value of Full Tilt Poker and Gowen will be entitled to what she is owed.

On the other hand arguments that she hasn’t already received ample compensation also exist with the fact that she has played a handful of WPT and WSOP events as well as the Aussie Millions and Poker After Dark where she was a fully participating member of Team Full Tilt while being able to travel and enjoy success.

With this case potentially shaping the future of poker sponsorship deals there is consequently a lot of interest in the outcome. Stay tuned to PokerNetwork where all the latest news on this case, and other worldwide news, will be brought to you as it unravels.

**It must be noted that Gowen has recently been removed as a member of Team Full Tilt on Full Tilt’s website.


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