Combine Poker and Sports Betting at 888 with Teams Poker

Posted at 18:28 2011-03-13

888 Poker continue to pull out innovative ideas and promotions to bring in new players. Their latest innovation is called “Team Poker”.

Team Poker, online? You ask?

Well it might not be quite what you had in mind. Angled at the sports fans in the poker community (of which there are many), Team Poker will see players able to scoop a share of the prize pool even if they are the first player eliminated.

Thought that would get your attention.

888 has combined tournament poker with sports betting. Each team poker tournament will be centred around a major sporting event. At the beginning of the tournament each player needs to nominate which team they are backing in the match. At the end of the tournament 50% of the prizepool will be paid out as per 888 Poker’s normal payout structure, while the other 50% will be shared equally among all of the players who nominated the winning team of the sporting event attached to the tournament.

Better still, every tournament will have at least $2,000 of added value and the potential to win seats in major event satellites.

The debut of Team Poker tournaments will occur tonight with an 88-cent buyin tournament as England take on Scotland in the Six Nations Rugby. $2,000 will be added to the prize pool by 888 Poker.

Team Poker tournaments bring in a whole new element of strategy. Obviously every man and his dog is going to be selecting England due to the fact they are big favourites for the match. So taking Scotland will likely result in a much higher payout should the Scots grab an unlikely upset victory. It’s something interesting to ponder if you are jumping into tonight’s tourney to give it a go.

If Rugby Union in Europe is not your flavour – don’t worry... Team Poker Tournaments are already scheduled for a number of other major events including the F1 Grand Prix on March 26 (head to head battle between Ferrari and McLaren) and the Cricket World Cup Final on April 2.

Get in the game today, download 888 Poker and enjoy $8 Free Cash or a 100% up to $888 welcome bonus.

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Combine your love of poker and sports betting with Teams Poker at 888poker Combine your love of poker and sports betting with Teams Poker at 888poker

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