Con "Tsapy" Tsapkounis Wins PokerNews Cup Main Event!

Posted at 01:05 2009-10-06
After eight previous days of action-packed poker, the final day of the 2009 PokerNews Cup was upon us with the Main Event Final Table being the icing on the cake of a fantastic Championship series.
Play see-sawed back and forth for the first two hours of play until Lawrence Gibson became the first casualty when his {Tc}{Ts} was outdrawn by Con Tsapkounis’ {8c}{8h} when the ill-fated two-outer landed on the turn.
Angelo Prifti was the next to hit the rail in a rather bizarre hand that became a topic of discussion. After Prifti moved all in for 873,000 over a Carl Booth 130,000-chip open, Booth sat in the tank for some time before flipping a coin and making the call holding {Qh}{Jh} to be behind Prifti’s {Ah}{Kh}. A Queen on the flop would end Prifti’s tournament as he collected AU$15,000 for his eight place finish as Booth soared further up the leaderboard – now holding nearly 30 percent of the chips in play.
Tournament veteran Sam Khouiss continued to impart his wisdom to the remaining players before taking out German Marchese in a blind-on-blind battle with Khouiss’ {Ad}{Tc} holding true against Marchese’s {Kc}{Td} as the final six headed to dinner.
After taking advantage of the many choices that the Crown Casino had to offer, Nino Ascenzio wished he would have dabbled in some dessert after his {Qh}{8h} was unable to catch up against Michel Bouskila’s {As}{Jh} to exit in sixth place for a collect of AU$30,000.
Both Khouiss and Tsapkounis began to chip up while Bouskila went in the opposite direction, eventually committing his last few chips out of the big blind with {Jd}{7h} to be up against Tsapkounis’ {Ac}{4d}. Although turning a straight draw, Bouskila would be eliminated in fifth place as Tsapkounis soared into outright second place, before snatching the lead a few hands later.
Booth bluffed back into the lead and then proceeded to send Khouiss to the rail holding a dominating {Ad}{Js} to Khouiss’ {Ac}{10d}. Both players paired up on the flop, but Khouiss would blank out as he collected AU$48,000 for his fourth place finish as Booth held nearly half the chips in play.
Tsapkounis then took control of the table when he opened to 250,000 with {Ah}{Ad} before calling a three-bet to 750,000 by Booth. On a flop of {7d}{8h}{3h} Booth moved all in and was instantly called by Tsapkounis. Booth’s {4d}{4s} were unable to improve as he slipped to the short stack as Tsapkounis soared to holding more than two thirds of the chips in play.
The quiet, but highly-skilled and dangerous, Joe Cabret found some good fortune against Booth finding a two-outer to stay alive before dispatching of the one-time chip leader in third place. On a flop of {7d}{Jc}{5d}, Cabret called Booth’s all in holding {Kd}{5c} to be in the lead against Booth’s {Tc}{9h}. The turn and river blanked out and Booth hit the rail in third play for a AU$74,000 pay day as the tournament reached heads-up after just six hours of play.
Con Tsapkounis – 4,900,000
Joe Cabret – 2,700,000
Tsapkounis was straight out of the blocks, firstly straightening out on Cabret and then improving to two-pair to extend his lead to a near three-to-one advantage. Cabret however would find a double soon after when his {Ac}{Kd} held true against Tsapkounis’ {Ah}{Jh} to see the heads-up battle return to a virtually even affair.
Cabret took the lead before Tsapkounis snatched it back as the following hand played out. Tsapkounis defended from the big blind to see a {2h}{Kc}{4s} flop fall and a 350,000 bet follow, with Cabret making the call. The turn landed the {5c} and Tsapkounis led for 450,000 with Cabret calling to see the {5d} land on the river and yet another bet follow from Tsapkounis; this time for 800,000. Cabret mulled over his decision for some time before moving all in with Tsapkounis quickly making the call. Cabret rolled over his {Kh}{Tc}, but it would be Tsapkounis’ {5s}{4h} for a full house to put Cabret on the rail in second place as he went to the cage to collect AU$130,000 for his great showing.
For Tsapkounis, he became the third consecutive local player to be crowned the PokerNews Cup Champion, and for this cash game regular and Omaha enthusiast, he will have an additional AU$250,000 to splash round on the felt as the PokerNews Team waves goodbye to the Crown Poker Room after another successful tournament series.
Final Table Results:
1st Con Tsapkounis - $250,000
2nd Joe Cabret - $130,000
3rd Carl Booth - $74,000
4th Sam Khouiss - $48,000 
5th Michel Bouskila - $38,000
6th Nino Ascenzio - $30,000
7th German Marchese - $22,000
8th Angelo Prifti - $15,000
9th Lawrence Gibson - $12,000
Congratulations to the 2009 PokerNews Cup Champion Con Tsapkounis for displaying a mix of poise, skill, patience and aggression on his way to besting a world-class field of 381. To follow the tournament trail with the PokerNews Team then make your way to the Live Reporting Section for tournament updates from around the world.


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Con "Tsapy" Tsapkounis Wins PokerNews Cup Main Event Con "Tsapy" Tsapkounis Wins PokerNews Cup Main Event

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