Croc's Wrap at the 2008 WSOP: Part II

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August 01 2008

Written to World Poker News by TT

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"Billy the Croc at the 2008 WSOP"
January 07, 2009

While the rest of us were at the WSOP, my very good friend Richard Holmes was home working hard to put this together. This is what he sent me...



As most of you know, I’m unable to go to the US for another three years, so I wasted two months of my life keeping track of all "players of interest' during this year’s Series. I'm 100% certain of the accuracy of the cashes and fairly certain of most buy ins as PokerNews reported all these players daily. In the three rebuy events, I gave each player the average, so everything will not be perfect, but I think it still gives a pretty accurate result for most players. I fully expected that all these sponsored players would show huge losses but this year was definitely the year of the pro and the results are largely impressive proving that very good players probably do have an edge.

Some points of interest:

1. As seems to be the case every year there was a multiple winner - John Phan

2. Brothers who won bracelets - Grant and Blair Hinkle

3.Besides the Ladies Event, Vanessa Selbst was the only other female winner who took home a bracelet this year.

4. 17 of 53 bracelets were won by well known "pros".

5. Nikolay Evdakov cashed 10 times, but no big ones.

6. Chau Giang cashed 8 times and lost 62k, Rolf Slotboom cashed 7 times and lost 25k

7. Dario Minieri played 22 tournaments for 1 cash, 1 bracelet, and 354k profit!!

8. All the big name UK players had a horrible tournament.

Below you will find the results I have listed for most players of interest. If not listed, it is because the win or loss was marginal either way. All numbers are rounded to the nearest 1k. 



Vanessa Selbst         + 297k

Kathy Libert                 264

Evelyn Ng                      11



Katja Thater                - 134k

Jennifer Harmon         123

Jennifer Tilly               85

Isabelle Mercier           85

Vanessa Rousso          82

Shannon Elizabeth      79

Anna Wrobleweski     59

Sabyl Landrum           48

Beth Shak                   44

Erica Schoenberg        39

Clonie Gowen             34

Liz Lieu                       34

Annie Duke                 33

Cyndy Violette           28

Kristy Gazes               27

NB. Sarah Bilney 5 cashes  (small loss)


Most recent main event champions.

Jerry Yang                   - 20k

Jamie Gold                  - 68k

Joe Hachem                 - 72k

Greg Raymer               - 176k

Chris Moneymaker      - 37k


Old school guys, only 1 winner!

Doyle Brunson                + 36k



Mickey Appleman                   - 143k

T.J Cloutier                             133

Steve Zolotow                         105

Dewey Tomko                         101

Mel Judah                               76

Berry Johnston                       71

Tom McEvoy                          50

Tom Franklin                           44

Sam Grizzle                             42

Eskimo Clark                          35

David Sklansky                       31

Billy Baxter                               27


Australians - Really impressive winners!

Billy Agryos (Croc)                 + 178k

Jeff Lisandro                           172

David Saab                             125

Jamie Pickering                      115

Jason Gray                              114

Michael Guzzardi                    62

Mark Vos                                45

Tino Lechich                           23

Julian Powell                           23

Roy Vandersluis                     4 cashes not sure entries?



Tony Guoga                            - 93k

Garry Benson                          76

Sam Koussis                          54

Richard Ashby                        52

Van Marcus                             43

Emad Tahtouh                         30


Big name winners!

Scotty Nguyen                         + 1.884K

Eric Lindgren                          1.146

J.C Tran                                   794

David Benyamine                   737

Nenad Medic                          732

Mike Matusow                        731

Barry Greenstein                     570

John Phan                                520

Andy Bloch                                514

Shane Schleger                        477

Chris Ferguson                        464

Kenny Tran                               443

Layne Flack                              425

Dario Minieri                             354

Shannon Schorr                       315

Daniel Negreanu                     287

Michael Mizrachi                    249

David Singer                           220

Alexander Kostritsyn              206

Chris Bjorn                              201

Greg Mueller                           192

Huck Seed                              171

Phil Helmouth                         167

Ted Forrest                              156

Mike Sexton                            118

Max Pescatori                         96

Ralph Perry                             84

Jean Bellande                          78

Justin Bonomo                        70

Marcel Luske                          67

Victor Ramdin                          53

Eric Seidel                               45

Alex Jacob                              43


And the big name losers!

Freddy Deeb                           - 188k  (last years biggest winner besides Jerry Yang!!)

Andy Black                             172

Amnon Filippi                         162

John Hennigan                      162

Mark Goodwin                       150

Johnny Chan                          149

Alex Kravchenko                    147

Bill Chen                                 147

Todd Brunson                         144

Michael Binger                       143

Robert williamson                   111            

Gavin Smith                            137

Daniel Alaei                            133

Nick Schulman                        133

Alan Kessler                            132

Thor Hansen                            120

Bill Gazes                                119

Marco Traniello                       116

Joe Cassidy                            112

Roy Winston                           110

John D'Agostino                    107

David Chiu                             103

Barney Boatman                    101

David Grey                             101

Dave Ulliott                            100

Burt Boutin                             97

Bill Edler                                 97

Hasin Habib                           96

David Levi                              95

Jonathon Little                       87

Sorrel Mizzi                             84

Carlos Mortenson                   84

Scott Fishman                        80

Eric Lynch                               80

Steve Billirakis                        80

Kevin Saul                              79

Ross Boatman                       77

Mark Seif                                76

Dan Shak                                76

Jeff Schulman                         72

Michael Binger                       72

Joe Sebok                                71

Josh Arieh                               70

Harry Demetriou                     70

Barry Schulman                      67

Dutch Boyd                              67

Jarrod Hamby                         67

Jimmy Fricke                           67

David Pham                            67

Gus Hansen                             65

Rafe Furst                               65

Shaun Sheikhan                     64

Chau Giang                             62

Amir Vahedi                            62

Jason Lester                            61

Mark Gregorich                       60

Joe Beevers                             59

Darryl Dicken                         58

Brad Booth                             58

Noah Boeken                          56

Fabrice Soullier                       56

Antonio Esfiandiri                  55

Lee Watkinson                        52

Nam Le                                   51

Brett Jungblutt                         50

Humberto Brenes                    50

Men Nguyen                             43

Kenna James                           40

David Plastik                           39

Phil Ivey                                   39

Hevad Khan                            39

Tom Dwan                              36

Paul Wasicka                           36

Howard Lederer                     35

Scott Clements                        35

Paul Darden                            34

Blair Rodman                          34

Robert Mizrachi                      25

Patrick Antonious                   25

I hope u found it interesting?


This would’ve taken Richard plenty of time and effort so thank you very much, mate for sending it to me and letting me use it for the Croc report, as well as the perusal of all PokerNetwork readers. Thanks Richard, I owe you a dinner.

Ciao from Billy The Croc

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