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Wanted Crown Aussie Millions winner for 2008

What a way to start 2008 with one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world. Daniel Negreanu said it best “if the Aussie Millions was a golf tournament it would be one of the big 4 major events.” Come to think of it we already are?
I am absolutely delighted that the Crown tournament has grown over the years to be, in my opinion, one of the best structured and hospitable tournaments in the world. Crown does a wonderful job in taking care of all the international and Australasian entrants and don’t forget the Aussie Millions winners party that’s free to all players.
In the middle of January plenty visitors will flock to Rod Laver Arena to see who will win the Australian Open tennis finals. Well, guess what, the Aussie Millions 1st prize will be more than any of the men’s or women’s championships.
I predict this year’s attendance will be bigger than 2007 with a minimum 1st prize of AU$2 million.
Pokernetwork will provide us all with all the gossip and late mail, while the Pokernews Team will treat us with a blow by blow live updates of how all the Downunders and all your favourite international superstars are faring.
Poker at Crown was introduced in June 1997, with the first major championship held shortly after in July 1998. The Main Event was a AU$1,000 buy in Limit Holdem tournament that attracted 74 entries with a AU$74,000 prize pool.
The Crown Australian Poker Championship January 2001, attracted 40 entrants with a AU$5,000 buy in for a prize pool of AU$200,000. January 2003 saw the event go international as the Crown Aussie Millions attracting a field of 122 entrants and a AUD$1,200,000 prize pool.
In 2001 the final was POT Limit Omaha and the final table had 2 of the biggest names in poker today. Tony G was one of the finalists and Jeff Lisandro (who was the eventual winner of the event from yours truly) and Tino Lechich made up the four finalists.
Each year, since 2003, the Aussie Millions has grown in size to reach the unexpected heights of the 747 entrants last year.
Main Event Results by Year
2003 Peter Costa UK AU$394,870
Leo Boxell, Harry Demetriou, Sam Khouiss, Joe Cabret, Ram Vaswami, Martin Comer, Erich Kolmar, Joe Beevers.
2004 Tony Bloom UK AU$426,500
Jesse Jones, Kenna James, David Hatzis, Mark Banin, Brian Hull, Ivin McLaden, Han Luu, Tino Lechich.
2005 Jamil Dia NZ AU$1,000,000
Mike Simkin, George Mamacas, Martin Comer, Steve McLean, Warwick Dunnett, Jonathon Paul, Gary Benson, Marcel Luske
2006 Lee Nelson NZ AU$1,295,800
Robert Neary, Nenad Medic, Shannon Shorr, Jeff Sealey, Russell Davies, Wes Bugiera
2007 Gus Hansen AU$1,500,000
Jimmy Fricke, Andrew Black, Julius Coleman, Hans Vogl, Marc Karam, Kristy Gazes
One of the great things about poker is that anyone can play and beat the best in the poker world over a specified tournament. (Moneymaker, Hachem, Gold) Can you play and beat Tiger Woods at golf? Can you beat Federer at tennis?
However you can play against Ivey, Ferguson, Seidel, Hansen, Hachem, Judah, Nelson, Guoga and Lisandro and company and beat them at their own game. Poker baby, Poker. Antonius, Juanda, Raymer, Lederer, Negreanu, Lindgren, Black, Nelson, and our top Downunders will all be there.
NOVICE ASSISTANCE DIAL 1800 POKERNEWS. With so many superstars what should us mere mortals be doing? Everyone wants to play the main event but if you don’t have the bankroll please don’t play. It’s very hard to play knowing that you must make the money to keep your poker career intact. And you don’t want that pressure on you late in a major tournament.
So establish budgets that you can afford choose the satellites or events you can afford to play and make sure you are prepared.
Most players play very well early in a tournament but as the hours are added they get tired and play in a manner that they would have never dreamed of at the start of a tournament.
In 2006 Lee Nelson finished making the final table at 2.45am in the morning. He was as fresh as a daisy the rest of the field looked like they just had 12 rounds with Holyfield. Lee is probably one of the best prepared players on the poker circuit today.
When its time for your 10 minute break make sure you use it get some fresh air. Stretch your legs, have a quick bite and don’t forget drain your didgeridoo oops can I say that.
If you make it through the first day or reach a final, then log on to pokernews.com and see who is left. Go through the tags of your opponents you might have on your table the next day.
In the past there have been various sites that have put up markets on the Crown event. Well if you find a few look for the head to head match-ups or who lasts longer as they can be the best value.
Two years ago I was matched up with Daniel Negreanu and was 1.95 to beat Daniel in a last longer. I told a few friends to bet on me, not because I thought I was a better player than Daniel, but I was definitely better prepared than him for the event. He had just arrived in Australia after a 36 trip from the Bahamas on top of being detained in customs, so, was he ready to play 3-4 14 hour days? I had plenty of rest and was ready for a long day Daniel was jet lagged and plays a lot faster than I early in a tournament. Double or get up was his mission and he failed.
So when you are looking at betting on heads up matches walk around the room before the main event see who’s in bed and who’s drinking at the bar.
Is Andrew Black meditating or drinking, is Sydney Sam in bed or playing 300-600 Omaha till 7.00am.
Look at Pokernetwork and Pokernews to read any gossip or mail on any of the superstars. If you do the leg work you can make your bankroll a little healthier with little risk.
This is the 2 million dollar question and we have some of the best poker players in the world not to mention young guns like Grant Levy, Julian Powell, Billy Sukkar, Nathan Bobik, Arul Thillai, Angela Italiano and many more young guns and women that will be their flying the flag at Crown.
Throw in your top guns of Hachem, Lisandro, Guoga,Vos, Emad, and yes baby an Aussie can win it. So in the famous words of Joe Hachem.
Ciao Billy the Croc

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