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Crocky’s Crew

New kid on the poker block T6Poker.com has invited seven Aussies to play under their banner for the coming year. Captain of the Aussie team is yours truly, Billy “The Croc” Argyros, along with other crew members Jeff Lisandro, Jason Gray, Tino Lechich, Mel Judah, Julian Powell, and Damien Oborne. The Aussie team’s mission is to be a force in the 2008 year on the International poker circuit putting both themselves and T6Poker.com on the world poker map. Also a T6 sponsored player Tony “TonyG” Guoga will be playing in major poker events under the T6Europe banner. In my opinion the Aussie team will be a force in 2008 and the team is a mixture of youth, experience and high limit cash players. The main targets for 2008 will be the Aussie Millions which has just concluded followed by a European onslaught of San Remo and the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo in April. After this the crew will venture to sin city to have their crack at the 2008 WSOP with the other 8,000 hopefuls. It has been a while since The Croc has ventured in Monte Carlo where my old backgammon traveling days took me to in the early 90’s. I’ll never forget taking a boat from Patra (Greece) to Brindisi (Italy) followed by 2 train rides to get to Monte Carlo. They were the days when Tino and the boys were staying at The Meridian for US$250 a night while I was camped up the hills for $28 a night in a pension with rest of the backpackers eating Greek jam sandwiches - that’s two pieces of bread jammed together! T6 Poker will have a very strong stable of participants in this prestigious event with all their European players joining Crocky’s Crew in attempting to win the event. Crocky’s Crew may also be seen at the Poker News Cup in Austria and various APPT events in Asia depending on scheduling and wife responsibilities to certain members. Crocky’s Crew JEFF LISANDRO In my opinion Australia’s best overall poker player in the last 15 years. Jeff Lisandro’s calm and cool demeanor at the tables has earned him the nickname of The Iceman. Jeff is known by many to be a cash game specialist, but is also a well-known face on the poker tournament circuit. In tournament play Jeff has had a lot of cashes in the WSOP and many other events throughout the world. His most notable, were his defeat of Howard Lederer in the Bellagio’s $25,000 Heads-Up Limit Holdem Tournament in 2004 which he followed up with a WSOP $10,000 Circuit win in May of 2005. In 2007, he collected his first WSOP bracelet by winning the $2,000 Seven Card Stud event. By the way a tip from Jeff is “Don’t forget to put your ante in”. MEL JUDAH Mel is one of the top ranked players in Seven Card Stud and a frequent competitor in the largest Holdem events. Over the years he has been in the money at the World Series more than 34 times, has two WSOP bracelets for 7 Card Stud, once in 1989 and again in the 5k event in 1997. Nicknamed “The Silver Fox” he also won the WPT event at the Bicycle club Casino winning over $500,000 US. Mel believes patience and changing gears are the key skills that make for a great tournament player and the ones that have paid off best for him. At age 60, Mel is hungry for more, and will be a force in 2008. JULIAN POWELL Young gun of the team ready to make his mark on the Poker world. Julian has been tearing up the online games across the globe and has no fear of taking his game to live casinos. He is a fearless player who accumulates chips like a vacuum cleaner. He is really looking forward to 2008 in taking on the poker greats. At only 21 years old, Julian asks, “Where are all the old superstars now?" JASON GRAY Jason has played against some of the biggest superstars in high limit cash games, such as Sammy Farha in the early years in Vegas, Jimmy Chan and Devilfish while holding his own. Jason placed 1st in the 15k Vic Champs in 2007 ($126,000), 1st in the Mike Connor Classic ($18,900), has 6 WSOP Cashes including two 5th place finishes. When asked what the best thing about poker is for him, he said, “The nut-cases that make live poker so entertaining”. TINO LECHICH Tino in the early 90’s was Australia’s number one Backgammon player. With the increasing popularity of Poker and like many other top Backgammon players (e.g Erik Seidel, Jason Lester, Gus Hansen) he has ventured down the world of poker. In his second season he made the final table of the Five Diamond World Poker Classic along with the man who taught him back at that kitchen table in Melbourne, Mel Judah. Tino finished 5th and brought home nearly $131,000. Tino has won and placed in many tournaments in the last few years with many close finishes in major events. Tino’s philosophy is, "In the end if you play enough events luck should break even and you will win your share". DAMIEN OBORNE The X factor of the team and another young gun, that has only recently come on to the poker scene. Damien traveled to Las Vegas in 2007 with some friends and spent most of his time at the cash games before entering one event and winning the final event at the Binions Classic pulling down over US$21,000. With little history of results the acid test will be on him but he has performed very well so far in 2008. BILLY THE CROC Playing poker on and off for over 20 years, I have played against some of the legends of the game including Johnny Moss, Puggy Pearson, Bill Smith, Stu Ungar, Jack Kellar all who are now in poker heaven. I love playing poker whether it’s a cash game or a tournament and love to clown around with all the players, staff and pit bosses. Poker can be lots of fun so let’s enjoy the game to its fullest. I like playing most of the games and have won a poker tournament in every form of poker even Pai Gow which I won the only time I played at the Normandie Casino in the states. I won the inaugural Horse event at the Crown Casino; I also cashed in the 5k WSOP Horse in 2007. I am the player wearing a crocodile hat or t-shirt. And, if you can’t see me or hear me above the crowd, then I am not there! Current Form in 2008 Jeff Lisandro
  • 4th in the 100k Event - Aussie Millions - $150,000
  • Mel Judah
  • 12th in the $1650 Bounty Event - Aussie Millions - $7,511
  • 1st in the T6 30k Guarantee No Limit Event - €10,000
  • Julian Powell
  • 5th in the $1150 No Limit Rebuy Event - Aussie Millions - $31,560
  • Jason Gray
  • 1st in the T6 50k Guaranteed PLO Event - €16,500
  • 3rd in the T6 50k Guaranteed PLO Event - €8,000
  • Tino Lechich
  • 25th in the $1100 Turbo Event – Aussie Millions - $1,898
  • 1st in the T6 50k Guaranteed PLO Event - €16,500
  • Damien Oborne
  • 15th in the $1100 No Limit Event - Aussie Millions - $5,907
  • 8th in the $5,000 WSOP Circuit Event - San Diego - $21,204 US
  • Captain Croc
  • 1st in the $10,000 HORSE Event- Aussie Millions - $80,000
  • 2nd in the T6 250k Guaranteed No Limit Event - €31,900
  • This will definitely be an interesting adventure with many stories to develop over our travels. Shuffle up and deal - Crocky’s Crew is coming to your town soon!

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