Crown Announces New Weekly Tournament Schedule

Posted at 21:48 2012-07-04 by Matthew Pitt

The Crown Casino is Australia's premier poker venue and things just got better thanks to improvements made ot their already impressive poker tournament schedule; there really is something for everyone.

New additions include an $80 turbo event nicknamed “Fast Fridays” and what we believe to be a take on the timed tournaments PokerStars introduced where tournaments end after a specified time and the payouts awarded based on how many chips a player has in their possession. If you want to try those out then head to the Crown every Saturday afternoon.

The full schedule can be seen below:

DayTimeTournament NameFormatBuy-in
Monday12:10Midday MadnessNLHE$50
Monday19:10Rebuy MayhemNLHE$20/$10 rebuys
Tuesday12:10Midday MadnessNLHE$50
Tuesday19:10Rebuy MayhemNLHE$20/$10 rebuys
Wednesday12:10Midday MadnessNLHE$50
Wednesday18:10Wednesday WonderNLHE$200
Thursday12:10Midday MadnessNLHE$50
Thursday18:10Thursday ThrillerNLHE$100
Friday12:10Midday MadnessNLHE$50
Friday18:10Fast FridayNLHE$80
Saturday12:10Rebuy MayhemNLHE$20/$10 rebuys
Saturday16:10Timeout TournamentNLHE$80
Sunday12:10Sundsay DeepstackNLHE$150
Sunday16:10Sunday 2nd ChanceNLHE$100

Another welcome change that the Crown have put into force is their late registration policy. Now players will be able to enter late for one hour during Rebuy and Mayhem tournaments and two hours on all other events. Now you can copy Phil Hellmuth and turn up to your chosen event fashionably late! Just don't start acting like him in any other way!

Please be aware that these weekly tournaments may change when the Crown runs special events and championships and it is always best to check with the team on reception that your tournament is running before heading to the casino.

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The Crown Casino, Melbourne The Crown Casino, Melbourne

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