Crown Launch PokerPro 2.1 and Million Dollar Bad Beat Bonus!

Posted at 11:21 2009-07-22
Crown’s ever popular Poker Pro tables are about to get an upgrade, with the latest software update bringing a range of features sure to be an instant hit with punters.
The latest version of the software will enable Crown to spread Seven Card Stud, Razz and Seven Card Stud High/Lo. All of these games were previously unavailable on the computerised tables.
The advantage of this is that these games will likely be spread at lower stakes on the PokerPro table, than is possible on the regular live dealer tables. As with the Hold’em and Omaha PokerPro tables, players will be able to expect a far cheaper rake structure.
Better still the new update will add features never before accessible in a brick and mortar casino. Amongst the new options available on the table are Rabbit Hunting, Straddles and Kill Pots.
The Rabbit Hunting feature answers the age old question about whether that folded hand was good or not. To this point “Rabbit Hunting” has been the exclusive domain of the home game, but within the unique setting of the PokerPro table, players are able to bring up a menu on their personal screen to check the undealt turn and/or river, without impeding the action or current hand being played.
This option is sure to be a favourite among the more curious players.
Also new to PokerPro will be the option to add a straddle. Straddling forces the under the gun player to make a blind raise to induce a bit of action (as if the PokerPro tables needed anymore action?)
To celebrate the new upgrade, Crown are putting up a $1 Million Dollar Bad Beat Bonus. Players will be in the running to win $1 million every time they sit in a PokerPro cash game until 11 January 2010.
To win the $1 million prize a player must play in a Hold’em cash game on a PokerPro table and make a hand of Quad Eights (only) and get beaten in a showdown by a player with a Royal Flush.
The player with four of a kind will win $1 million cash while the player who with the Royal Flush will win $10,000 cash.
The new tables will be launched from Wednesday 22nd July, so rush into Crown to make the most of your opportunity at a cool $1 million.


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PokerPro 2.1 Is Here! PokerPro 2.1 Is Here!

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