Crown Melbourne Championships - Part 2

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Joe Hachem (3rd) - Eric Assadourian (1st) - Aleks Lackovic (2nd) Melbourne Champs Main Event

The fourth tournament on the calendar was the $230 NL HE Double Barrel Challenge. All players participated in the first heat, with the top 5 going to the final table. Those who didn’t make it first time round had the option to fork out $20 and enter a second heat, same structure but half the starting stack, with the top five making up the rest of the final table. There were a couple of bad luck stories, with Gary Boxell out sixth in the first heat and seventh in the repecharge, and Sam Willoughby had almost the same story – final table in the first and bubble in the second. Pokernetwork’s John Vincent (better known as Yoyo) made his first final table of the champs and was eliminated in fifth in a battle of the blinds against Lewis Spinazzola. Vincent slowplayed his flopped top two pair and paid dearly when Lewis hit runner-runner straight and put him all in on the river. Lewis was out soon after in fourth, John Joannou in third, and it was down to David Munday and Nick Georgoulas heads up. David was a huge favourite with 280K to Nick’s 80K but Nick doubled up early on when his pocket queens held up against David’s flopped flush draw. David’s bad luck with flush draws continued when, slightly behind Nick in chips, all the money went in on a flop of J 7 3 (2 diamonds), David with Ad9d couldn’t hit and Nick with J8 was the champion, receiving $4350 for the win. RESULTS - Event # 4 No Limit Double Barrel Challenge Those normally on the other side of the felt got their chance to shine with the $230 Casino Employees NL HE tourney. With roughly sixty percent of the 31 entrants coming from Adelaide, it was looking to be a lopsided affair, which was confirmed when seven Sky City employees made the final table, the other three being Ben Smith, Geoff Brown and Simon Monk, all from Canberra. Geoff and Simon were out in eight and seventh respectively, and it was left to Ben to fly the flag for all those who didn’t want the title to go to SA. Down to the money, James Doman knocked out David Dickens in fifth and David Galpin in fourth, and was chip leader 3-handed with 70K versus Ben with 45K and Weng Wong with 35K. But the tables turned – Weng doubled up with AJ vs James’ AK when he hit trip jacks, and suddenly James was out when he pushed all in with 64s on a 9 5 3 flop and was called by Ben with T9. With blinds at 1500/3000, Ben raised to 12K and Weng, with a slight chip lead, pushed all in with pocket tens and was called by Ben with KTos (one spade). Flop was A 5 7 (2 spades) and the Qs on the turn meant Ben could win with any Jack, King or spade. River was a Jack, Weng was left with 15K in chips and it was all over a few hands later, Ben taking first place and $2325 home to Canberra.
Ben Smith Weng Wong
RESULTS – Event # 5 Casino Employee No Limit Holdem All the grinders fronted for the $175 Limit HE event and while a small field was expected, there were 174 players who took part. Surprisingly, about a third of the field had departed in the first hour-and-a-half, and it wasn’t long till we reached our final table, where the ever-consistent Leo Boxell went in a huge chip leader with 141K, followed by Gary Benson with 94.5K. John Vincent once again made a strong showing, finishing fourth, and Gary (240K), Milan Gurung (120K) and Leo, who had dropped to 60K, were the final three. Leo doubled up early, and suddenly all three were almost even in chips, but Leo got into a huge hand with Milan and was knocked out in third. After taking Leo’s stack and winning a 200K pot early on heads up, Milan had 370K to Gary’s 70K and was looking an easy favourite to win. Gary would take down huge pots here and there but rising blinds meant that just as soon as he got chips, he would soon find himself shortstacked again. With blinds at 15K/30K, the turning point came when Gary was all in from the SB with 80K holding T4s and flopped trips. After surviving a couple more all ins, Gary had pulled level with Milan, and quickly grabbed the lead. With Milan suddenly reduced to 90K in chips, he was all in with A6os versus Gary’s pocket fours. Milan couldn’t hit and after over an hour of heads up play Gary had prevailed to take the win and $5220.
Milan Gurang - Leo Boxell - Gary Benson
RESULTS – Event # 6 Limit Holdem Next up was the $125 NL HE and with small starting stacks and short blind levels it was a quick day for a lot of people, 150 of the 382 starters out in the first ninety minutes. John Vincent made his third cash of the champs, and Nick Nicolaou was once again cruising for a final table and got derailed. Having been chip leader for most of the tourney and second in chips, Nick got into a battle of the blinds with chip leader Jim Ververis. Nick raised from the SB, Jim pushed all in with AT, Nick called with A8 and was promptly out in 23rd while Jim cruised to the final table as the chipleader with 217K – about a third of the chips in play. Ken Eastwood and Lewis Spinazzula both made their second final tables for the champs and were out in 9th and 7th respectively. Andrew Selvaggi, also in the top ten for a second time, found luck at the final table - winning his races and finding aces twice after people had gone all in ahead of him. Andrew went heads up with Harry Ligos, who took most of Jim’s stack and eventually eliminated him in third. Andrew played aggressively, as did Harry and there were frequent all ins. In one of the biggest hands of the night, Andrew limped from the SB, Harry checked and players saw a flop of Td-8s-4h. Harry min bet 30K, and Andrew called. The turn came a 9c, Harry lead out again for 60K and Andrew once again flat called. With the river a 3s, Harry slowed down and bet 30K, which Andrew called. Harry showed 73os for 7 high and Andrew took down the 300K pot with 64s. Crippled, Harry was out on the next hand when he pushed with K6 and was called by Andrew’s pocket twos, a deuce on the flop sealing the win and the $8015 first prize for Andrew.
Andrew Selvaggi
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