Crown Poker Announces The “Win A Jeep” Winners

Posted at 16:30 2012-09-27 by Brian Hurst

Visitors to the Crown Poker Room over the past six week have been invited to try their luck and win a brand new Jeep Wrangler for free. All they had to do was register was to enter the weekly draw by visiting the Poker Registration Desk. Now the six winners have been announced, here they are;

  • Week 1: Juergen Rieck
  • Week 2: Glenn Eismontas
  • Week 3: Juliano Tannous
  • Week 4: Joe Bellefemine
  • Week 5: Hoa Nguyen
  • Week 6: Daniel Arkles

Each of the six lucky winners have guaranteed themselves $1,000 in cash but they now have a one-in-six chance of walking away, or should that be driving away, in a brand new Jeep Wrangler Sport worth $35,790!

The main draw will take place at 16:00 on Sunday 30 September at Level B2 Crown Poker Room where one of the six weekly winners will be selected at random and asked to choose one of six themed devices. Five of these devices will contain a $1,000 Table Play voucher but one will sport the picture of the Jeep Wrangler!

PokerNetwork would like to wish all six contestants the very best of luck for Sunday!

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Win a Jeep! Win a Jeep!

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