Daniel Botta Crowned Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Champion!

Posted at 01:50 2009-03-24
The final day of the 2009 Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series would see the final ten players come together to battle it out for the ultimate prize. With top-heavy payout structure, it was going to be a long way from $5,000 for tenth place to reach the dizzy heights of the $100,000 payout for first.
When the bags were opened and the players took their seats, the lineup was as follows:
Seat 1: Daniel Botta - 3,165,000
Seat 2: David St.Eloi - 2,565,000
Seat 3: Sam Higgs - 2,960,000
Seat 4: Chris Christofi - 1,280,000
Seat 5: Jakson Laughton - 1,660,000
Seat 6: Mark Bruin - 940,000
Seat 7: Jack Drake - 685,000
Seat 8: Ronnie Shabtay - 1,965,000
Seat 9: John Lombardo - 1,640,000
Seat 10: Greg Shillig - 1,150,000
While the stacks were huge and the clock was wound back one level, it didn’t take long for the action to get underway. John Lombardo was active early and claimed the first scalp when his {As}{Qs} was up against Mark Bruin’s pocket jacks on a flop of {9c}{3s}{4s}. The {Ts} on the turn was all it took to complete the flush for Lombardo and Bruin was our first casualty in 10th place for $5,000 in prize money.
Chris Christofi was next to go after running his pocket nines into the pocket queens of David St. Eloi. The board bricked {Jc}{Ah}{2d}{5s}{Jh} to eliminate Christofi in 9th place for $7,000.
Jakson Laughton didn’t have much go his way at the final table and slipped onto the short stack before moving it in with {Ac}{Kh}. The original raise came from Daniel Botta who made a pot-committed call with {Qd}{Jd}. The board fell Botta’s way when it came {4s}{Qh}{7s}{Qs}{3h} to make trip queens and eliminate Laughton in 8th place for $9,000.
David St. Eloi wasn’t afraid to move his chips around and after some ups and downs his run came to an end at the hands of Daniel Botta. It was a race with St. Eloi’s {3h}{3c} holding a slight edge over Botta’s {Ah}{Ts}, but that changed on a board of {7c}{2s}{7d}{Td}{Th} as Botta made a full house. St. Eloi collects $12,000 for his 7th place finish.
John Lombardo employed a big-ball style to the final table however he made one all-in move too many when he shoved over the top of Sam Higgs opening bet. Higgs made the call with {Ac}{Kd} to be in great shape against Lombardo’s {As}{Qd}. The board brought no surprises as it fell {Jd}{9h}{6d}{Js}{8s} to leave Lombardo to exit in 6th place. He’ll collect $15,000 in prize money.
Jack Drake entered the final table as the short stack and did well to stay alive and get himself back into contention after a rivered two-outer earlier in the day. However when he got his chips in with top pair holding {Ts}{9h} on a {5c}{6c}{Th} flop he found Daniel Botta snap call with a set of sixes. The turn and river bricked to leave Drake to depart in 5th place for $20,000.
Greg Shillig played a tight solid game throughout and found several double ups to stay alive but his luck ran out after his money was all in with {Ah}{9h} to be in a dominant position against Higgs {Ad}{8c}. He got his money in good but the board did Shillig no favours when it arrived {Ks}{7c}{5h}{6c}{4h} to give Higgs a running straight and end Shillig’s run in 4th place. A bad beat story and $30,000 for his tournament.
Three-handed play didn’t last long as Ronnie Shabtay pushed with his pocket fives and was all by Daniel Botta’s pocket sevens. Another seven on the turn on a board of {Js}{Qd}{3h}{7d}{2c} was more than enough for Botta to take the pot and end the run of Shabtay in 3rd place for $45,000.
Heads-up play saw Botta with the chip lead and he pushed that even further with some aggressive betting. The end came when Botta limped the button and Higgs raised to 620,000 from the big blind. Botta made the call and they saw a flop of {7d}{5c}{Tc}. Higgs moved all in and Botta made the call with just {5h}{2h} for just bottom pair, no kicker. It was a great call as Higgs revealed {As}{Kc} for overcards. The turn was the {4h} and river the {3s} to leave Botta as the last man standing. Higgs collected $64,000 for a fine runner-up finish.
Daniel Botta played strongly throughout the tournament and thoroughly deserved the victory. He takes home a handsome $100,000 in prize money and the coveted trophy.
Final Table Results:
1st Daniel Botta - $100,000
2nd Sam Higgs - $66,000
3rd Ronnie Shabtay - $45,000
4th Greg Shillig - $30,000
5th Jack Drake - $20,000
6th John Lombardo - $15,000
7th David St. Eloi - $12,000
8th Jakson Laughton - $9,000
9th Chris Christofi - $7,000
10th Mark Bruin - $5,000
That wraps up our coverage of the second annual Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series. It was a huge series with some massive fields and prize pools up for grabs. We’ve seen the emergence of several young guns and found a few new talents to keep an eye on in the future.


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Daniel Botta Wins Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event! Daniel Botta Wins Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series Main Event!

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