Daniel Neilson Wins Western Poker Classic

Posted at 16:02 2010-10-25

Daniel Neilson has taken a major step towards taking down the coveted Pocket Aces Over Kings PokerNetwork Australasian Player of the Year award after taking down the Western Poker Classic at Burswood Casino in Perth last night.

Neilson conquered a field of 109 players, after entering the final table with the chip lead. The final table was a mixture of youth and experience with Dale Marsland, who won the Pot Limit Omaha event at the 2010 Victorian Championships and local gun Jovan Scekic heading up a group of challengers that included yet another Lackovic rising onto the Australian poker scene with 19-year old Stevan Lackovic being the youngest player at the final table. Well known local Perth player Lorinda Johnson also made sure that there was a female representative at the final table.

Seat 1 - Daniel Neilson (731,000 chips)
Seat 2 - Will Cucuzza (161,500 chips)
Seat 3 - Lorinda LJ Johnson (67,000 chips)
Seat 4 - Stev Lackovic (319,000 chips)
Seat 5 - Danny Touma (157,500 chips)
Seat 6 - David Atkins (103,000 chips)
Seat 7 - Robert Jackson (95,000 chips)
Seat 8 - Dale Marsland (333,000 chips)
Seat 9 - Jovan Scekic (223,500 chips)

The youngest player and the lone female representative got the final table proceedings underway with an early all in-call situation. It would be Johnson with all her chips at risk holding {Qx}{qx} against Lackovic’s {tx}{tx}. She managed to dodge her opponent’s outs to win an early double through.

While we are still trying to obtain the official results for seventh through ninth, we can report that a short-stacked Rob Jackson was eliminated in sixth place after calling with {ax}{2x} against Stev Lackovic’s all in move with {qx}{9x}. Burswood reported that a nine hit the flop to send Jackson home with $15,000.

Almost three hours into the final table Lorinda Johnson kept her progress alive, finding a big double up through Jovan Scekic. On a {jx}{tx}{7x} flop Johnson moved all in with Skeckic making a hasty call behind with a double-bellybuster {kx}{9x}. Scekic would miss his outs though and Johnson continued a run up the chip counts progressing to third in chips, but was a long distance behind Daniel Neilson who was completely dominating the tournament.

Scekic became the next player to be eliminated, falling at the hands of Dale Marsland. In the hand Scekic moved all in from the small blind over the opening raise of Marsland on the button. Action folded back to Marsland who called with pocket kings to be in good shape against Scekic’s {6c}{5c}. The {Ax}{7x}{7x} flop gave Scekic little hope and the turn {Jx} failed to improve his hand. The river was a {9x} and Scekic departed for the rail with $18,000 for his fifth place finish. Marsland moved up to second place in a close battle with Lackovic, but Neilson was still double the chip count of any other player at the table.

Johnson was eliminated in fourth before Lackovic made his run at the title. After being seldom challenged all day, Neilson suddenly found himself in a dog fight against the young aggressive Western Australian.

Neilson managed to stave off the wolves at the door by taking Dale Marsland’s chips in two big hands. In the first hand Neilson opened to 37,000 with Marsland calling from the small blind. Marsland check-raised the {kc}{2d}{2s} flop to 87,000 with Neilson making the call. The turn was a {Qx} which saw Marsland bet out 202,000 hoping to force a fold from Neilson. It didn’t happy, Neilson made the call. The river was a {5d} and Marsland gave up on the hand, as both players checked and Marsland uttered, “six-high” before mucking his hand. Neilson showed {ax}{tx} for a great read of the situation.

Marsland lost another hand to Lackovic, before Neilson swooped in to finish off the job with Marsland’s {9x}{tx} all in against Neilson’s {Qx}{qx}. Marsland didn’t catch up and exited the tourney in third place for $30,000.

After a back and forwards heads-up battle, Neilson took control of the tournament once again after the players got all the chips in with Neilson’s {9x}{9x} up against Lackovic’s {Ax}{kx}. Neilson made a set to move up to 1,650,000 in chips against Lackovic’s 530,000.

A short time later all the chips were in the middle again, this time with Lackovic’s tournament life on the line. The Western Australian would table {4x}{4x} against the Sydneysider’s {Ax}{Qx}. Neilson flopped huge with the {Ah}{Qh}{3h} flop, but it also left Lackovic with the only flush draw in play. The turn {Ad} put paid to any hope of a comeback though, completing a full house for Neilson and a dominant display of tournament poker.

Neilson has moved into an almost insurmountable lead in the PokerNetwork Player of the Year race. It will be interesting to see if anyone can find a way to make a late charge through the ANZPT Darwin and APPT schedules. But if things stay how they are now Neilson will join past PokerNetwork players of the year like Jared Graham, Leo Boxell, and Lee Nelson. 

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Daniel Neilson Wins Western Poker Classic Daniel Neilson Wins Western Poker Classic

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