Danny Chevalier Wins ANZPT Queenstown!

Posted at 14:49 2009-07-26
The final day of the PokerStars.net ANZPT Queenstown Main Event saw the final 18 players return to the felt to crown a new champion of the Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour. The talk of the town was the incredible run of Tony Hachem who had reached the cash for the fourth consecutive time on the ANZPT. However Hachem’s day lasted all of one hand after he pushed his short stack unsuccessfully with {8c}{9c}.
The action was thick and fast in the early going with Robert Wang and Sam Williams also early casualties as the players were prepared to gamble it up to attempt to get themselves a big stack. Overnight chip leader John Guthrie remained a clear chip leader as the players dropped away and the final table approached.
Aussie Millions final tablist Raj Ramakrishnan appeared set for a big finish after his pocket sevens held to eliminate Aaron Golledge, but Ramakrishnan quickly fell away after a big clash with John Pye. Ramakrishnan held pocket eights but Pye’s pocket queens held and Ramakrishnan was eliminated in 13th place.
After Paul Chisnall was eliminated on the final table bubble, the Kiwis held a huge advantage over the Aussies at the final table with John Guthrie still well in front.
Seat 1: Will Mauga (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 106,500
Seat 2: Glenn Maiden (New Zealand) 321,500
Seat 3: Steve Smith (New Zealand) 186,000
Seat 4: Andrew Hinrichsen (Australia) PokerStars Qualifier 69,000
Seat 5: John Pye (New Zealand) 211,000
Seat 6: David Bradford (New Zealand) 53,500
Seat 7: Danny Chevalier (Australia) 481,000
Seat 8: Mark Walker (New Zealand) 150,000
Seat 9: John Guthrie (New Zealand) 888,500
The eliminations came thick and fast as short-stacked David Bradford was first to go. He looked set for a double up with {Ah}{Td} against John Pye’s {Ad}{9s} but a nine on the flop was enough to eliminate Bradford in 9th place.
Will Mauga was out in 8th place when he was also dominated with {Ad}{Th} against Danny Chevalier’s {as}{Qd} and couldn’t find any help on board. He was soon followed by John Pye in 7th place and again it was {As}{Ts} that was the action hand. Pye found himself up against Mark Walker’s {Ad}{Kd} and spiked the lead on the {Js}{Th}{3h} flop. The {6h} on the turn changed nothing, but the {qc} on the river gave Walker a broadway straight and sent Pye to the rail.
Meanwhile Guthrie was bleeding chips and doubled up Australian Andrew Hinrichsen when Guthrie’s trip kings were no match for the turned straight of Hinrichsen. Two hands later Guthrie was incredibly out the door after he ran pocket fours into the pocket sixes of Hinrichsen. Guthrie’s chip lead had disintegrated and he was eliminated in 6th place.
Hinrichsen’s run continued when he called the all in of Steve Smith on a flop of {Jd}{4d}{Ts}. Smith tabled top pair with {Js}{9s} as Hinrichsen had plenty of outs with his {Qd}{9d} for straight and flush draws. It was all over on the turn when the {2d} completed his flush and Smith was eliminated in 5th place.
Mark Walker was next to go after he made a move at a flop of {7d}{5s}{Th} but Danny Chevalier made the call with {Jh}{Ts} for top pair as Walker would need to improve his {5c}{3c}. The board ran out {Td}, {9h} to give Chevalier trip tens to eliminate Walker in 4th place.
Glenn Maiden had patiently worked his way to the final three but finally decided to make a stand with {Jc}{2c} on a flop of {Qh}{Jd}{4c}, only to find himself outkicked by Hinrichsen’s {Js}{9d}. The turn was the {5c} and the river was the {Ad} to eliminate Maiden in 3rd place.
With that hand Hinrichsen had regained the chip lead, with 1.4 million chips against Danny Chevalier’s 1.1 million chips entering heads-up play.
The battle for the trophy lasted only 30 minutes before all the chips were in the middle. The action flop was {Qh}{5h}{4h} as Hinrichsen moved all in with {Qc}{tc} for top pair only to find himself in terrible shape as Chevalier revealed {Ah}{7h} for the nut flush. The turn was the {8s} and river the {As} to eliminate Hinrichsen in 2nd place, and leave Danny Chevalier as the ANZPT Queenstown champion! He collects the trophy and a handsome NZ$87,435 in prize money.
"I lived here for 11 years so Queenstown is like a second home for me. It was great to win this event in front of what is virtually a home crowd," said Chevalier after his win. Chevalier previously ran a day spa in Queenstown before selling up and heading back to Australia.
Meanwhile a NZ$1,100 buy-in teams event was played earlier in the day with Melbourne's Cohen brothers, Hugh and Julian, taking down the title ahead of PokerStars.net Team Australia duo Eric Assadourian and Tony Hachem.
Hachem will take the ANZPT overall points lead into the final event of the season in Queensland from August 5-9 at both Treasury and Jupiters Casino.
ANZPT Queenstown Final Results:
1st Daniel Chevalier - NZ$87,435
2nd Andrew Hinrichsen - NZ$57,285
3rd Glenn Maiden - NZ$33,165
4th Mark Walker - NZ$27,135
5th Steven Smith - NZ$21,105
6th John Guthrie - NZ$15,075
7th John Pye - NZ$12,060
8th William Mauga - NZ$9,045
9th David Bradford - NZ$6,030
10th Paul Chisnall - NZ$4,523
11th David Bonham - NZ$4,523
12th Mark Measey - NZ$4,523
13th Rajkumar Ramakrishnan - NZ$4,523
14th Aaron Golledge - NZ$3,015
15th Cesar Cavagnero - NZ$3,015
16th Sam Williams - NZ$3,015
17th Robert Wang - NZ$3,015
18th Tony Hachem - NZ$3,015

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Danny Chevalier Wins ANZPT Queenstown! Danny Chevalier Wins ANZPT Queenstown!

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