David Allan Dominates the Monday Morning Grind on PokerStars

Posted at 00:24 2012-01-11

Not too many Australian players have won the PokerStars Sunday Million and almost as few can claim to have made it to the final table of the prestigious weekly event. That makes this week a very memorable day in Australian online poker as history as two players made the final table of the Sunday Million.

Just as it always does, the Sunday Millions started very early on Monday morning for players around Australia and a couple of those players taking to the felt were David 'dave798111' Allan and the unknown "Mackkapackka". Cut to more than 12 hours later and both those players would be making the biggest online scores of their careers.

There were 7,710 players in the Sunday Million making for a prize pool of $1,542,000 and by the time the two Aussies had got to the final table they were both guaranteed at least $11,950. Astonishingly for Allan, that guaranteed amount would be far less than the score he made a few hours earlier in the Sunday Storm - (details of which are to follow).

The two local players weaved their way through the final table, even clashing a few time themselves, before only 3 players remained. It was at this point that the talks of a deal began and after much discussion, Allan was set to leave with a huge $160,298 and "Mackkapackka" would be going home with $178,079.

After the deal had been made, Allan fell to the rail after first three-bet shoving with {a-Clubs}{10-Diamonds} and running into the {q-}{q-} of the eventual champion and then again three-bet shoving, this time with {a-Clubs}{4-Clubs} and again running into a pocket pair of the eventual winner.

After Allan's demise it didn't take long for "Mackkapackka" to hit the rail, getting extremely unlucky when outdrawn holding {a-Hearts}{10-Clubs} against the {a-Clubs}{4-Spades} of his opponent.

*3David "dave798111" Allan (Australia)

*denotes three-handed deal

As we said earlier, the Sunday Million wasn't the only score for Allan throughout the day with another massive result coming in the Sunday Storm.

As usual, the Sunday Storm saw a ridiculous amount of entries as 38,598 dished out the $11 entry fee to take part in the event. This is where Allan's big day began as he weaved his way through the huge field to end up on the final table.

Allan eventually bowed out in 2nd place, picking up a handy $21,614. He didn't have long to celebrate though and there was still some poker to play and as you have already read, play poker he did.

2David "dave798111" Allan$21,614.88
8OMG CASH$2,238.68

David Allan wasn't the only player having a big day on Monday as Liam "moffo47" Moffett also had a nice finish in one of the Sunday major tournaments.

The event was the Sunday Kickoff, and as the title suggests, it is one of the first major tournaments to start the Monday grind. Moffett put in a big effort and ended up finishing in 2nd place to see $18,852 deposited into his account.

2Liam "moffo47" Moffett$18,852.75
4David "Mrdawwe" Sonelin$10,465.20

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