DiCaprio Takes Gamble On Poker Movie

Posted at 19:28 2009-06-18
Leonardo DiCaprio has put his name behind a new poker movie project as he brings his love of poker to the big screen. DiCaprio is reportedly quite a talented poker player, having participated in many high stakes poker tournaments over the years with other Hollywood actors who also enjoy the game.
The script behind the proposed movie has been written by Ocean’s Thirteen screenwriters Brian Koppleman and David Levien and is believed to be based on Costa Rica-based Internet casinos. While the details are sketchy at this stage, Costa Rica is often referred to as the Las Vegas of the Internet, with loose restrictions and plenty of money flying around, set to provide a nice plot for a movie.
The duo of Koppleman and Levien were also responsible for the poker cult movie Rounders which is still considered the best poker-themed movie of all time, so we can expect this to be a quality production.
While there’s no start date defined for this unnamed project as yet, the right people are behind this project with DiCaprio the big name set to launch a poker movie that might finally rival Rounders.

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Leonardo DiCaprio To Gamble on New Poker Movie Leonardo DiCaprio To Gamble on New Poker Movie

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