Duhamel Captures WSOP Main Event for Canada

Posted at 20:16 2010-11-09

Canada has its first ever World Series of Poker Main Event Champion, after Jonathan Duhamel managed to turn his sizeable chip advantage into a win. After the dramatic conclusion to three handed play, involving Jason Cheong six-betting all in to double up Duhamel before being eliminated a short time later, the Canadian took a six-to-one chip advantage into the heads up battle with John Racener.

The American Racener had sat back throughout most of the final table riding the other players’ battles into heads up, but trailing 188 million chips to 30 million chips, Racener could afford to sit back no longer and would need to bring the fight from the start.

The introductions started with the crowning of Frank Kassela as the 2010 World Series of Poker Player of the Year, before Poker Hall of Fame acceptance speeches from Eric Seidel and Dan Harrington. Kassela then gave the shuffle up and deal orders and the final day of ten in the 2010 Main Event began.

Duhamel had a slight edge in the first ten pots, but Racener found the spot he wanted after falling to almost half of his starting stack. Putting the pressure on, Duhamel set Racener all in preflop with {Kh}{4c} and Racener made a quick call with {Qd}{qs}, holding up to reset the battle to just over where he started.

Over the next 31 hands Duhamel continued applying the pressure to keep Racener under the pump. On an open shove from Duhamel, Racener called with {kd}{8d} after dwindling away half of his stack, he found himself up against Duhamel’s {As}{jh}. A flop of {4c}{4d}{9s} and a turn of {6c} left Duhamel on the verge of victory. The river {5c} sealed things for Duhamel making him the first Canadian to win the World Series of Poker.

Duhamel rose above 7,319 players over ten days of action, earning himself US$8,944,310. Racener on the other hand picked up US$5,545,955. Of course both players are likely to do even better out of the various marketing deals that they have picked up from their November Nine appearances.

Duhamel’s victory could well mark the last ever World Series of Poker held at the Rio with rumours still persisting that Harrah’s will switch to Caesars’ Palace or one of the other strip properties. Regardless of where it is held next year, the 2010 Main Event bracelet is headed up to Canada.

The 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table Payouts:

1st Jonathan Duhamel - $8,944,310
2nd John Racener - $5,545,955
3rd Joseph Cheong - $4,130,049
4th Filippo Candio - $3,092,545
5th Michael Mizrachi - $2,332,992
6th John Dolan - $1,772,959
7th Jason Senti - $1,356,720
8th Matthew Jarvis - $1,045,743
9th Soi Nguyen - $811,823

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Jonathan Duhamel with his World Championship Bracelet and $8,944,310 Jonathan Duhamel with his World Championship Bracelet and $8,944,310

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