Duhamel's Bracelet Has Been Recovered

Posted at 12:24 2012-02-18

Two months after his home invasion in December, Jonathan Duhamel’s 2010 World Series of Poker Bracelet has finally been found, or most of it at least.

According to French poker site Princepoker.com, the bracelet was found by a street sweeper in Montreal. The sweeper was cleaning the Ville-Marie Tunnel last Wednesday and when the residue from the sweeper was emptied, the bracelet was found in a trash receptacle.

It appears from the photos that someone had tried to remove Duhamel’s name from the back of the bracelet.

According to PrincePoker.com, Duhamel was contacted shortly after the bracelet was found and is more pleased about having his trophy back than he is about the monetary value of the bracelet, which is estimated to be around $40,000.

Canada's TVA Nouvelles spoke with Philippe Jette, Duhamel's manager, who said, "The sentimental value [of the bracelet] is priceless. We are giving the bracelet to the police, because it is still a piece of evidence, and should help the police with the investigation. We are happy, and Jonathan is doing very well."

A trial is set for next week in the case of the four suspected home invaders, one of whom was Duhamel’s ex-girlfriend, who is still in jail.


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