Durrrr and Ivey Tangle in Incredible High Stakes Poker Action!

Posted at 22:56 2010-03-16

High Stakes Poker Season 6 is in full swing in the US and so far many would say that it hasn’t quite reached the heights of previous seasons...and it's not just due to the absence of AJ Benza! The play has been less than exciting with the likes of Antonio Esfandiari nitting it up and PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu continuing to struggle. Thankfully as the series progressed the addition of Eli Elezra and the creativity of Dario Minieri kept the game out of the muck.

However if you have yet to watch the most recent episode...spoiler alert...it was a beauty. Suddenly the thrills that had been promised all series were finally delivered with multiple bustouts, rebuys and one helluva bluff.

High Stakes Poker Season 6 promised us that phenoms Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Phil Ivey would be in every episode. That’s great, but all we wanted to see was the two play a pot with each other...and boy did we get just what we were looking for.

On the final hand of the episode, and with about $1.8 million on the table in front of them, Dwan and Ivey tangled in a hand which will be talked about for years.

Often these big hands are remembered because of an incredible cooler that caused hundreds of thousands of dollars to splash into the middle. However this hand was a little different. In a multi-way pot Dwan was egged into squeezing with {9-Spades}{8-Spades} by the ever-talkative Esfandiari and buddy Phil Laak, with only Ivey making the call holding {A-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}.

Ivey picked up a flush draw on a dangerous flop and Dwan fired bets on the flop, the turn and again for $268,200 on the river with just nine-high. Ivey missed his flush but paired his six on the river which appeared to almost be enough for him to make an amazing hero call at what would be a near $1 million dollar pot. Ivey went into the tank for a long, long time, as he tried to convince himself that Dwan was bluffing. For perhaps the first time ever, Dwan showed visible signs of being physically disturbed by the situation as he was forced to sweat Ivey’s decision under the roasting lights of the studio. At least we know that these guys are the real deal!

What happened? Well it’s probably best to watch for yourself....

One of the most amazing triple barrel bluffs you’ll ever see and the fact that Ivey almost made an incredible call is noteworthy in itself. Only on High Stakes Poker!

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Ivey goes into the tank on High Stakes Poker Ivey goes into the tank on High Stakes Poker

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