Durrrr Challenge Update: Antonius Leads By US$488,133

Posted at 16:03 2009-05-11
Railbirds have flocked to Full Tilt Poker over the past month as action accelerates in Durrrr challenge. For the first time in the challenge, a clear leader has emerged. Patrik Antonius currently leads by US$488,133 after 13,246 hands of the proposed 50,000. Despite play being relatively even through the first 10,000 hands, Antonius has got on a neat little run over the past couple of sessions.
The action really ramped up in the session when the players crossed the 10,000 hand mark. It was one of the longer sessions of the challenge to date boasting 890 hands, and seeing both players sitting tremendously deep. The big pots and momentous action was always going to happen.
Having already played out a flurry of US$100,000+ pots, the record for biggest pot of the challenge was set and re-set during the late stages of the session.
In the first pot, Antonius holding {3d}{3h}{qd}{qh} three-bet to US$3,600 and Durrrr with {as}{js}{5d}{9d} called. The {jd}{5h}{qs} flop hit both players hard and saw Durrrr flat call a US$6,000 bet. The {6s} turn saw the bulk of the action though with Antonius leading US$19,200, Durrrr playing back for US$76,800 and Antonius moving in for US$115,893. Durrrr made the call for slightly less meaning there would be enough money in the middle to buy a house going to the river. Antonius would need to dodge Durrrr’s flush outs, and the {4h} was sufficient, sending US$228,932 his way.
The second pot blew away the first record. Many analysts believe that Durrrr’s edge in the challenge would be sitting with tremendously deep stacks, but during this session Antonius seemed to fare better.
Durrrr started the record hand with US$145,975 in front of him, and with some good fortune he doubled that up. There was US$2,400 in the pot preflop and the players took a {6c}{4c}{js} flop. They then proceeded to send the railbirds into frenzy with Antonius four-betting the flop to US$63,000, which Durrrr called. The {td} turn saw Durrrr jam for his last US$81,000 which Antonius called forcing a showdown.
Antonius had {Kh}{Jh}{9c}{Jc}, while Durrrr tabled {Ac}{5h}{3c}{7c} to once again be trailing in a monster pot going to the river.
The fickle fate of fortune smiled on Durrrr this particular occasion though with the river spiking the {qc}making Durrrr a bigger flush then Antonius. The river saved Durrrr’s session, with the players finishing relatively even, despite the very real possibility that Durrrr could have been trailing by US$200,000 or more.
Antonius didn’t let it faze him though and despite Durrrr grabbing the overall lead after the next session, the European never really lost his grip on the challenge.
He proved it by shipping the third biggest pot of the challenge at that stage, luring Durrrr into pot-committing himself with {Qs}{qh}{th}{9h} on a {jc}{8h}{3h}{5s} board, against Antonius’ {4h}{6h}{7s}{2c} made straight. The river blanked off a {4s} shipping US$196,655 to Antonius.
Antonius stepped up his domination through the next session, and despite Durrrr winning the biggest pot of the day (US$198,960) Antonius won just about everything else, extending his lead out to US$159,000.
The latest session was short and sharp for Durrrr. The American lost US$328,000 in just 290 hands. This session set Antonius up with the nearly half-a-million dollar lead he currently enjoys. Antonius’ biggest pot was US$161,000 but he would win five pots worth over US$100,000 each.
Durrrr seemingly couldn’t catch a break during the session, missing some heavy draws in key pots.
Antonius has continued his trend of sitting deeper, and it seems that he has adjusted to Durrrr’s style enough to be confident playing longer sessions against him. This has made for some awesome highlights, most of the recent sessions now boasting multiple pots over US$150,000.
Play is currently on a hiatus, but with the sessions going stronger and longer, it won’t be long before the two titans are back duelling over the virtual felt at Full Tilt Poker.

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Durrrr Challenge: Antonius Extends Leads Durrrr Challenge: Antonius Extends Leads

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