Durrrr Challenge Update: Durrrr Upswings Hard

Posted at 08:36 2009-06-16
When we last updated the “Durrrr Challenge”, Patrik Antonius had finally broken out to the first genuine lead. At that stage he led by US$488,133 after 13,246 hands.
He was able to maintain and even slightly build on that lead until the last session they contested. On Friday the players got together and logged what would usually be a pretty standard 786 hand session.
Standard, except for the fact that Durrrr would walk away a US$376,597 winner.
The biggest pot of the session would account for about half of Durrrr’s winnings on the night.
Antonius with {qc}{6c}{3d}{td}, opened preflop to US$1,200, with Durrrr re-raising with {th}{jh}{jc}{9d} to $3,600. Antonius four bet right over the top to US$10,800 and Durrrr called to take the flop.
The flop fell {jd}{ad}{2s} and Durrrr sandbagged his flopped set by checking to the Scandinavian. Antonius obliged and fired out US$16,400. Durrrr fired back by check-raising to US$70,800. Antonius called.
The {6d} flop put Antonius in front in the hand with a flush, and he would of course make the call when Durrrr put him all in.
The players tabled their cards with Durrrr needing a {Jx} or a paired board to stop him going almost US$750,000 down in the challenge. Help arrived in the form of the {2d} river, sending a US$229,591 pot the American’s way.
Durrrr would again be on the right side of a US$173,730 pot a little later in the session. With Antonius the aggressor on all three streets, he moved in on the river with {7s}{8d}{4s}{ad} on a {5h}{2d}{4d}{th}{3h} board. Unfortunately for Antonius the same river card that had made him a five high straight, made Durrrr’s {6c}{8c}{2s}{5c} a six high straight.
Cards that Antonius thought made his hand, actually making Durrrr’s hands would become a theme throughout the session.
In yet another of those hands Antonius with {8s}{8h}{Tc}{5h} opened to US$1,200, and Durrrr re-raised to US$3,600 {jh}{jc}{9h}{td}.
The {4h}{7d}{js} hit Durrrr and he was happy to let Antonius take the lead. He checked to Antonius, who fired US$6,000. Durrrr responded with a check-raise to US$25,200, and Antonius made a loose call.
Antonius seemed to like the {8c} turn which made him a set, only problem was that Durrrr’s original set of jacks improved to a seven-jack straight. Antonius put Durrrr all-in which he of course snap called.
Antonius would be drawing almost as thin as a player can be in Omaha, and he wouldn’t hit, with the {qs} river only further improving the hand of his opponent.
Durrrr pocketed yet another US$159,992 from that pot. There would be three more pots of just over US$100,000 with Durrrr winning two to Antonius’ one.
The final pot Antonius took down restored his challenge lead, after Durrrr briefly hit the front. The players are now through 16,124 hands and Tom “Durrrr” Dwan has cut Antonius’ lead back to almost even. At this stage Antonius leads by just US$34,594.50.
The World Series is yet to slow the progress of the two players, and ironically Antonius has been more active online recently than he has been all year. At this stage the players have shown no signs of pulling out of the challenge like many had rumoured. If it goes the distance, the current pattern suggests that it will go down to the wire. In any case PokerNetwork will keep you updated with all the big hands from the Durrrr Challenge as it happens!

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Durrrr Challenge:  Durrrr Upswings Hard Durrrr Challenge: Durrrr Upswings Hard

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