Durrrr Leads Challenge As Big Actions Starts

Posted at 18:39 2009-03-08
This week saw both the third and fourth sessions of the “Durrrr Challenge” take place between high stakes players Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius. The action was amongst some of the most exciting to date, with both players sitting at around 200 big blinds a piece on multiple tables.
The highlight of the week was two pots that eclipsed US$160,000 each.
At the time of writing, the players have completed 4,178 hands of the 50,000 to complete the challenge and Dwan has his nose out in front by a “slight” US$140,380. If the players continue to sit with US$80,000-$100,000 at each table, this might not take long for Antonius to chase down.
The third session of play would be the biggest action day so far. With the players playing deep, it was just a matter of time before the action kicked into the next gear. Durrrr would end the day a US$206,757 winner, overcoming the $50,000 deficit he faced when the players ceased the second session. Dwan ended the day with the lead courtesy of winning two monster pots containing over US$160,000 each.
The first of the mammoth hands saw Durrrr raise from the button to US$1,200, which Antonius promptly re-raised to US$3,600. Not perturbed Durrrr four-bet to US$10,800 which Antonius called. The players saw a flop of {7s}{4s}{Th} and Antonius led out for US$14,800 before Durrrr raised to US$66,000. Antonius moved all in and Durrrr called his remaining US$72,490.
Durrrr showed {Ad}{7h}{6s}{As} for a pair of aces, and an ace high flush draw, as Antonius showed {8c}{8h}{4h}{4c} for a set of fours.
Durrrr spiked the {ks} on the turn to put him out in front with a flush, and the river {2c} was a harmless card that would see Durrrr win a US$166,580.50 pot, the biggest of the challenge to that point.
It wouldn’t stay that way though as the players clashed in a slightly bigger pot later in the session on a different table.
Again the players had roughly 200 big blinds each in their stacks, as Durrrr opened to the standard US$1,200. Antonius flat called and took a {Ad}{3c}{2s} flop. Antonius fired US$2,400, which Durrrr raised to US$6,600. Antonius re-raised it up to US$19,200, which Durrrr promptly called. A {6c} peeled off on the turn and Antonius continued to lead betting out US$31,200, Durrrr flat called. The river brought the {7c} and Antonius moved his final US$30,000 into the US$100,000 pot. Durrrr made a quick call.
Antonius showed down {7h}{5c}{5d}{9h} for a harmless pair of sevens, but it would be no match for Durrrr’s {8d}{5s}{4s}{kd} seven-high straight.
The players would then go on another five day hiatus before their fourth session got underway. In a short session of just 200 hands Antonius was able to eat up US$9,500 of Durrrr's lead.
Despite the fact that players are almost ten percent of the way through the current challenge many fans and bloggers are starting to believe it’s a matter of when and not if the players will decide to quit the challenge. The fact that the challenge has been going almost a month and that the challenge has only progressed to this point suggests that they could be correct. In any case PokerNetwork will keep you up to date with all the updates of this unique high stakes challenge as it unfolds on Full Tilt Poker.

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Durrrr Leads Challenge As Big Action Starts Durrrr Leads Challenge As Big Action Starts

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