Durrrr vs Ivey In The World's Biggest Ever Televised Pot!

Posted at 00:13 2009-09-22
It is probably one of the most popular poker television shows and this season is even better than those that preceded it! The fourth season of Full Tilt Poker's Million Dollar Cash Game has wrapped up filming in London and trust me its reputation as one of the world’s richest cash games is still intact! This year’s series which was filmed by Emblaze Productions, has many talking points. This include a pot of more than $1.1 million– the largest pot in television poker history!
Million Dollar Cash Game features some of the greatest poker players on the face of the planet, each of whom must put up at least $100,000 of their own money to compete in this invitation-only event. Some of the heavy hitters who sit down at the felt in this season include Team Full Tilt superstars Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson, Gus Hansen, Mike Matusow, Allen Cunningham and Patrik Antonius, along with high-stakes online sensation Tom “durrrr” Dwan.
The action is thick and fast, with early highlights including a massive pot between online heavyweight counterparts Antonius and Dwan. These two regularly play head-to-head at the highest stakes available online at Full Tilt Poker. Both players put all of their chips into the pot before even seeing a flop with Dwan holds pocket aces against the pocket kings of Antonius. The flop brought a king for Antonius, giving him a set and a lead in the hand. No help came for Dwan on the turn or river, and a massive pot of more than $500,000 was won by Antonius. This just goes to show you that the sick beats aren’t just reserved for online. They happen in live games too!
Most players might be left a little shell-shocked after such a catastrophic turn of events but not Dwan, who is used to the massive swings of fortune that are part of the high-stakes lifestyle. The young superstar battled his way back out of the red by winning a half-million dollar pot versus Cyril Mouly, a regular high-stakes player online at Full Tilt Poker.
The action then moved to three-handed play. Now I know some players who think that they have a greater edge when the play is three-handed, but tell me if you still like playing when the guys left on the table are Dwan, Antonius and Ivey? These three juggernauts are perhaps the three most prolific high-stakes players in the world, the blinds were at a whopping $1,000/$2,000 with a $200 ante. All told, there was more than $2.2 million on the table.
James Hopkins, Managing Director of Emblaze Productions, said “After almost 20 hours of play, other players stepped aside as the Million Dollar Cash Game turned shorthanded. Three of the world’s elite players; Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan, started playing blinds of $1k, $2. It was great to watch.
Anyone who has ever watched Dwan play will not be surprised to see that when he was first to act he raised it up, only to be re-raised by Phil Ivey from the small blind. Patrik Antonius could smell something brewing and quickly got out of the way, Dwan made the call.
With nearly $60k already in the pot, the flop came {Qc}{3d}{5c}. Ivey kept the aggression going and lead out with a bet of $40,000, Dwan made the call. The {4h} hit the turn, and it was as if New Years Eve had come early, as the fireworks started going off.
Ivey continued with his aggressive line and bet again, only to see Dwan put in a massive raise, making it more than $240k to go. Faced with a monumental decision, Ivey went into the tank for several minutes. His body motionless and his eyes darting around in that classic Ivey style as he debated his options. Finally, Ivey said the two words that Dwan had been waiting to hear, “All in.”
Dwan double-fist-pump-snap-called away the rest of his chips without a moment’s hesitation, revealing {6h}{7h} for the nut straight. A heart-broken Ivey revealed {Ac}{2h}, good for a straight, but not good enough to win the hand. With Ivey completely dead, the meaningless {Jh} fell on the river, making Tom “durrrr” Dwan the winner of more than $1.1 million – the largest pot ever to be won on a televised poker show. I mean if anyone was going to win a $1.1 million dollar pot it was always going to be Dwan right?
Full Tilt Poker's Million Dollar Cash Game will be aired on Sky Sports in the UK in January 2010, and will be released around the rest of the world very shortly after. It features commentary from Full Tilt Poker pro Robert Williamson III, an expert high-stakes poker player.
For more information about the Million Dollar Cash Game, Team Full Tilt and all of the Full Tilt Poker pros, visit Full Tilt Poker.

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Dwan and Ivey tangle in the biggest pot in televised poker history! Dwan and Ivey tangle in the biggest pot in televised poker history!

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