Dylan Tollemache Gives Zoom Poker Strategy Advice

Posted at 15:34 2013-02-06 by CardRunners

Dylan "dintyo" Tollemache is a CardRunners instructor who quickly climbed up the stakes through study, countless hours on the virtual felt, and letting his relentless work ethic take over. He's a specialist in six-handed no-limit hold'em cash games and often grinds Zoom Poker on PokerStars. In this teaser video, he plays four tables of Zoom live while commentating on his decision making.

Tollemache discusses reasons why it is a good idea to three-bet in position with premiums as well as speculative hands with value (suited aces that can make a wheel and middle suited connectors) with the plan of calling a four-bet in position when you're more than 200 big blinds deep. Not only does this make your range uncapped, but it also prevents players from being able to run big bluffs versus you in these spots.

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