Earn a Fast $50 Bonus at Full Tilt!

Posted at 20:17 2010-02-24

If you are yet to try Full Tilt Poker’s revolutionary new Rush Poker format, here’s a fantastic bonus offer that will rapidly tempt your appetite!

In celebration of the success that is Rush Poker – the world’s fastest poker game – Full Tilt Poker are offering their players at least $50 in bonus money. To claim your Fast $50 Bonus, you must accept the offer by 23:59 ET on March 14th and earn bonus money while experiencing the best online poker action in the world.

If you have made your initial deposit at Full Tilt Poker and have already finished any active bonus, you’ll receive a Fast $50 Bonus offer immediately. If you haven’t made your initial deposit, then do so by March 11th to be eligible for the Fast $50 Bonus. If you have an active bonus you also have until March 11th to clear it so that you are eligible for the Fast $50 Bonus.

Accepting your Fast $50 Bonus offer is easy. Log in to Full Tilt Poker, click on Requests Tab at the top of the lobby, select Check my Bonus Offer... and then once the window with your bonus offer pops up and click Accept Offer to activate the bonus.

To earn your Fast $50 Bonus all you have to do is accrue Full Tilt Points in any real-money game. The revolutionary new format of Rush Poker is by far the easiest way to do so as it is designed to keep you in the action at all times. You will play up to four times as many hands per hour compared to a standard ring game meaning that your Fast $50 Bonus will be released quicker.

Once you’ve accepted your Fast $50 Bonus offer, you’ll have 30 days to release your bonus money by earning the required number of Full Tilt Points. You’ll clear $0.06 of your bonus for every Full Tilt Point you earn, and your bonus money will be paid out in 10% increments.

So to take advantage of Full Tilt Poker’s newest – and relatively easy – bonus, make sure to download Full Tilt Poker, create an account and start clicking away!

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Earn a Fast $50 Bonus at Full Tilt Poker! Earn a Fast $50 Bonus at Full Tilt Poker!

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