Earn FPPs, Earn Cash at Party Poker in September

Posted at 16:44 2009-08-26
Party Poker continues to spoil their players with generous promotion after generous promotion. Their latest effort may be pushing the limits, even by their own lofty standards.
The “Cash Machine” as it has been named, will see Party Poker convert Party Points into cash throughout September. To be eligible to receive a cash payment from Party Poker you need simply earn over ten Party Points on ten days throughout the month. Party Poker will then take each players highest earning ten days during the month, and convert the number of points earned on the lowest earning day into cash at the amazing exchange rate of $1 for each point.
Better still if players earn at least one point on ten days during the month, but don’t earn enough ten point days to qualify for a payment they will automatically be entered into a $25,000 Freeroll at the end of the month. Just Party Poker’s way of showing they care for their entire player base regardless of stakes.
Party Poker is genuinely excited about the new promotion and all Party Poker players should be too!
In a media release Party Poker said "What is great about this exciting promotion is that every new day of the promotion gives players the chance to top their current lowest total and increase the cash prize.”
How the Cash Machine Promotion Works:
If a player earns the following points on their ten highest-earning days:
Best Day: 300 party points
Second Best: 258 party points
Third Best: 226 party points
Fourth Best: 221 party points
Fifth Best: 218 party points
Sixth Best: 210 party points
Seventh Best: 210 party points
Eighth Best: 200 party points
Ninth Best: 191 party points
Tenth Best: 186 party points
As the player earned 186 party points on their tenth best day of play during September, they will have $186 deposited into their Party Poker account at the end of the month.
Best of all about the promotion is the fact that it is not capped at the higher end. Meaning that if a player’s tenth highest earning day during the month is 1,200 Party Points they will receive $1,200 from Party Poker.
For full terms and conditions check out Party Poker today.

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Earn Cash at Party Poker in September Earn Cash at Party Poker in September

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