ECOOP IV Bigger Than Ever Before

Posted at 18:44 2009-04-13
The fourth European Championship of Online Poker (ECOOP IV) has been announced on the iPoker network with the series set to kick off on May 25th.
Hosted by Titan Poker events are accessible across the iPoker network, ECOOP IV will be bigger and better than before with 14 events and a massive $4.55 million in guaranteed prizes as the series will keep online poker enthusiasts entertained during the WSOP hype through until June 7th.
ECOOP III gave Main Event winner, "Intruder123" an incredible $315,000 as he outlasted a field of 1,283 runners. ECOOP IV is offering players a chance to test their skills in a variety of games, including Pot Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven Card Stud, Limit Hold'em, and, of course plenty of No Limit Hold'em.
Online satellites for ECOOP IV are currently running on Titan Poker and other iPoker network sites. The schedule for the series runs as follows:
ECOOP IV Schedule

Event 1: NL Hold'em
Date: May 25th
Buy-in: $200+$15
Guarantee: $250,000

Event 2: Limit Hold'em (6-max)
Date: May 26th
Buy-in: $200+$15
Guarantee: $100,000

Event 3: NL Hold'em Turbo (with rebuys/add-on)
Date: May 27th
Buy-in: $100+$9
Guarantee: $200,000

Event 4: Limit Seven-card Stud
Date: May 28th
Buy-in: $250+$18
Guarantee: $50,000

Event 5: NL Hold'em
Date: May 29th
Buy-in: $750+$50
Guarantee: $350,000

Event 6: PL Omaha (6-max, with one rebuy)
Date: May 30th
Buy-in: $1,000+$60
Guarantee: $150,000

Event 7: NL Hold'em
Date: May 31st
Buy-in: $500+$30
Guarantee: $500,000

Event 8: NL Hold'em
Date: June 1st
Buy-in: $2,500+$100
Guarantee: $500,000

Event 9: PL Omaha Hi/Lo
Date: June 2nd
Buy-in: $100+$9
Guarantee: $100,000

Event 10: NL Hold'em (6-max)
Date: June 3rd
Buy-in: $300+$20
Guarantee: $250,000

Event 11: PL Omaha (with rebuys/add-on)
Date: June 4th
Buy-in: $100+$9
Guarantee: $150,000

Event 12: NL Hold'em (with rebuys/add-on)
Date: June 5th
Buy-in: $100+$9
Guarantee: $300,000

Event 13: PL Omaha
Date: June 6th
Buy-in: $400+$30
Guarantee: $150,000

Event 14: NL Hold'em Main Event
Date: June 7th
Buy-in: $1,500+$80
Guarantee: $1,500,000


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European Championships of Online Poker IV European Championships of Online Poker IV

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