ElkY Sets Sit-N-Go World Record

Posted at 14:58 2009-05-06
Just under a week ago PokerStars pro Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier set the world record for most sit-n-go tournaments played in one hour.
Fresh off his recent third placing in the $25,000 WPT Championships Grospellier sat down to his four staged monitors to attempt the record while the EPT Grand Final continued in the other room. For Grospellier to beat the record he had only an hour to play as many $6.50 sit-n-go tables as possible, and then had to finish all the tables he was playing at, and make sure he finished with a positive balance.
Taking to the stage with his favourite mouse, mouse pad and keyboard, he sat down in front of the organised four monitors. With the crowd in support following its live broadcast on giant screens around the stage, even fellow Team Pokerstars members provided their support with Isabelle Mercier, Gavin Griffin and Hevad Khan all wondering over to see who the French pro was going.
An hour later Grospellier crushed his competition banking a tidy profit of $23.60 with a final score of 62 $6.50 tables opened. This means that Grospellier is now the official world record holder for the most sit-n-go’s played at the same time with a review and validation by the jury at the Guinness Book of World Records.
“The difficulty in this kind of challenge is to keep concentration and to make good decisions as quickly as possible” commented Grospellier. “I had a lot of pressure; my friends and spectators were there to support me. I didn’t want to disappoint them” and disappoint them he wouldn’t, however Grospellier did start to sweat at the depths, “Toward the end of the event, when my balance was negative, I was very nervous, but I managed to right the situation. I’m happy to have taken up the challenge and invite all players to try to do better.”
PokerStars also threw their support behind the world record attempt by rewarding all the players that participated with an entry to an exclusive freeroll to be held on May 6th with a prizepool of $1,000.
To check out the video from the world record attempt click here, otherwise make sure to stay logged onto to PokerNetwork for updates from around the world as we creep in on the upcoming Melbourne Poker Championships!

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ElkY Sets Sit-N-Go World Record ElkY Sets Sit-N-Go World Record

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