Enrique Del Prado Wins 2011 APT Philippines

Posted at 00:12 2011-04-05

Enrique Del Prado has earned hero status in the Philippines after defeating 231 players in the 2011 Asian Poker Tour Philippines Main Event at Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.

After four days of play, the final table of ten was decided on Sunday, with Mike Puno the first to go in 10th place at the hands of Daniel Idema after he ran his {Kd}{9d} into Idema's pocket tens. The ever-popular Wally Sombero followed shortly after in ninth place when he tried to make a stand with {Kc}{Jh} on a flop of {4d}{5d}{3c}, thinking that his opponent Kwon Eun Ho hadn't hit. The only problem was, Ho held {6s}{5s} which held after the turn and river ran out {Qd}, {9d}.

Ho then took out Melvin Matibag in eighth place. Matibag moved the last of his short stack in before the flop with {Ac}{Kd} against Ho's {Qh}{Jd}, but Ho hit trip queens on the flop and Matibag was drawing dead on the turn. Australia's Bobby Zhang then departed in seventh place after trying to shove with {6s}{3c} after Ho limped in from the blinds pre-flop, but Ho snap-called with {As}{Ks} which held all the way down the board of {Jd}{8d}{9d}{Qd}{Jh}.

Idema then fell in sixth place. Having had his pocket aces cracked earlier, Charles Victoria's {Qs}{8s} hit top pair on the flop which was enough against Idema's pocket jacks. Victoria was then eliminated after the dinner break in fifth place when his {Kc}{Qc} failed to improve against Ho's {Ad}{8h}. However, Ho was then first crippled by Elton Tsang before being eliminated by Enrique Del Prado in fourth place. Ho moved the last of his money in with {Kc}{Td} on a flop that read {Qc}{Jh}{2c}, only to have Del Prado snap-call with {Kh}{Qh}, which held after the dealer produced the turn and river of {8h}, {5s}.

Del Prado then sent Jose Drilon to the rail in third place in dramatic fashion. After a flop of {9d}{7s}{2c}, Del Prado check-snap-called with nothing but {Kd}{Qh} against Drilon's {9s}{5s}. Incredibly, the turn and river ran out {As}, {Kc}, giving Del Prado the bigger pair and Drilon his marching orders.

With that, Del Prado took almost a 2.5:1 chip lead against Tsang heads-up, but despite a fierce fight back from Tsang, he came undone by Del Prado's wild strategy and eventually moved the last of his chips into the middle with {9s}{8d}. Del Prado quickly called with {Jc}{9d}. The board was spread {Qd}{Qh}{3h}{7s}{Ac} and just like that, the 2011 APT Philippines title stayed on home soil.

2011 APT Philippines Main Event, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City (US$2700 buy-in, 231 players, 27 players paid)

1st Enrique Del Prado (Philippines) - $179,260
2nd Elton Tsang (Hong Kong) - $95,230
3rd Jose Drilon (Philippines) - $44,810
4th Kwon Eun Ho (Korea) - $33,610
5th Charles Victoria (Philippines) - $28,010
6th Daniel Idema (Canada) - $22,410
7th Bobby Zhang (Australia) - $16,810
8th Melvin Matibag (Philippines) - $11,200
9th Wally Sombero (Philippines) - $10,640
10th Mike Puno (Philippines) - $9,555

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The Asian Poker Tour continues to attract good numbers as 231 players headed to Manila for the APT Philippines Main Event The Asian Poker Tour continues to attract good numbers as 231 players headed to Manila for the APT Philippines Main Event

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